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Here’s How To Look Younger Than Your Age Naturally

by Fashionlady
How To Look Younger than Age

How To Look Younger

In a bid to learn how to look younger than your age naturally we tend to use all the magical lotions and potions around, and forget that we need to first embrace the fact that we are indeed ageing. So what we have decided to do here by talking about how to look younger than your age naturally, is to first delve into what are the things we should do and understand to avoid the pangs of ageing, and then as fashionistas how to amp up to get a mental and physical mindset of a teen or a young adult. Please read on and join us on this fascinating journey of how to look and feel young, without having to put in too much effort. Worth a try!

Let us beat stress

There are many silent killers out there, which eat up our minds and our bodies through the day and the night, and one of them is stress. Meditation, yoga, eating healthy, and loving yourself more on a daily basis are proven ways to beat stress- you don’t need a guru as such to guide you on that, and it is not very hard to follow. Start with a few minutes a day and then move on to more time for you.

Younger Looking Skin

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Have you given yourself a break

If you are looking at ways to achieve not just younger looking skin but also younger mindsets too, you need to give yourself a break. Meditation does give the body a break, and a relaxed response as well. Affirming and reaffirming thoughts while the meditation is on should be the key. This helps keep the body and the mind energised and active, and hence the system works well too.

Best Younger Looking Skin

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Are you having enough of omega 3s?

You should consume more healthy fats, such as omega 3s- fish such as salmon, and nuts such as walnuts are a good source of them. Science has proved it to the world that omega 3s are happy fats, which help stable up the mood and keeps the overall health in the pinkest of zones. Omega 3s also help make the brain active and hence signs of ageing are dealt with quite sternly too. This thus helps you have younger looking skin and a healthier outlook in life.

Home Remedies For Younger Looking Face

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Stop being a couch potato

A recent study at the National Institute on Aging stated that there is a correlation between better brain power and performance and the need for physical exercises. Run, bike, stroll around, do housework, move about more, and your body would be thankful. You will sweat out the toxins too, and this would be the answer to younger looking skin and a beautiful body you always wanted.

Home Remedies For Younger Looking Skin

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A glass of red wine

Full of antioxidants for sure, red wine drunk in moderation everyday can be the key to looking younger naturally. It has plenty of antioxidants that can beat free radicals in the system, and reduce high fat stores in the body too. Now who would not want to try this amazing happy remedy on ways to look younger?

Younger Looking Face Home Remedies

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You need superfruits

Pomegranates especially, you need to have superfruits every day, which bring into the body plenty of benefits and helps in ways to look younger as well. Did you know, the juice or seeds of the fruit can keep the skin safe from the onslaught of free radicals, and the radiation caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun as well. You can also try goji berries, which have plenty of vitamins and antioxidants in them, or oranges as well.

Remedies For Younger Looking Face

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A cup of green tea can help

Everyone loves a cup of chai now and then, but green tea does rule the tops. Green tea can help bring down the incidence of cancer forming cells and also beat the signs of premature ageing too. In addition to helping you have ways to look younger, green tea can also help you manage a healthy weight too, since it helps amp up the metabolism levels in the body as well.

Home Remedies for Younger Skin

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Supplements for the skin

You don’t need RETIN-A but RETINOL which is an apt way to provide nourishment to the skin and a non-prescription supplement to try so as to ensure that premature signs of ageing do not take over. Supplements that have alpha lipolic acids in it are also anti agers and good for the skin, and can reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that make you look aged. It also helps with pore tightening and skin texture improvement, and brings about radiance to the skin much needed. This helps bring ways to look younger for real.

Tips For Younger Looking Skin

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Have you thought of natural anti ageing care regimes?

There are many wonderful facial masks that we have written about that need ingredients from your kitchen.


Exfoliate your skin with oatmeal; use honey to moisturize your skin, lemon can help tone the skin and more.


Sea Salt

One of our favorites would always be the use of sea salt (half a cup) with olive oil.

Mix the two and rub on the skin gently, half an hour before a shower. Then wash off with warm water and pat dry.

This helps exfoliate the skin, brings texture to the skin and also helps cleanse the skin and makes blood flow happen smoothly and naturally too.

Pumpkin Or Papayas

You can also make a paste of pumpkin or papayas and apply it on your face, the enzymes from the veggie and fruit mentioned can help bring back hydration to the skin, retard the ageing signs and more. It can also be applied on any part of the body as a wrap for half an hour, followed by a nice bath.

Best Tips For Younger Looking Skin

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Other things to help you look younger naturally!

Apart from the home remedies for younger looking face and body, one needs to understand that to have home remedies for younger looking face and body, a follow up is a must in regimes and care. Here are some of them-

1. Do not forget to wear sunblock or sunscreen, even if the climes are rainy or cold or cloudy.

2. Moisturize the skin, the neck and the face, the hands and the arms and the body and the legs every day.

Tips For Younger Look Face

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3. One of the best younger looking skin tips that we would give you would be to rub heavy creams onto the skin at night, in places such as the hands and the soles of the feet, and the palms. Wear white socks or gloves when that is done and then sleep.

4. Did you know, if you crack your knuckles a lot, it can lead to ageing too.

5. In the morning, use frozen spoons to bring down the puffiness of your eyes. This helps in dilation of blood vessels.

Ways To Looks Younger

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6. Never wash your hair daily, even if it is oily and limp. This is not to be done, should you want to retain the shiny and silky and bouncy hydrated look of your hair.

7. Sulfate and paraben based shampoos and soaps or facewashes should not be used.

8. Do not over process your hair

Top Ways To Look Younger

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9. Opt for haircuts and hairdos that befit your lifestyle and work and also do not use the blow dryer too often.

10. For women that have pale to very fair skin, do not use very dark hair colors. This can make you look aged. Instead opt for shades that are warm and light. Soft highlights for women with dusky to dark skin tones would make the face brighter and contoured or younger looking.

11. Do not comb your hair when too dry or wet. This will lead to breakage. Always use hot coconut oil at least once a week to bring back moisture and shine to your hair.

12. There are many teeth whitening products available in the market, and they do a good job too. What you need is to use them once a way and not overuse them.

Makeup and fashion

The number of mistakes we make when dressing up and wearing makeup is proof enough that we really need help to look younger the right way.

1. When using powder based makeup, if you have matured skin, try not to use them. This is because they would settle into the wrinkles and fine lines, and accentuate them more.

2. A primer and a moisturizer should be used before you apply makeup. This helps absorb the products better and camouflage the signs of ageing naturally.

How To Looking Skin Naturally

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3. If you have dark circles and want tips on ways to look younger, you would need to use cold teaspoons, tea bags or cold potato or cucumber slices to get rid of them.

4. When choosing eyeshadows, don’t go for tones that do not complement your eye color. Gray for brown eyes are lovely, pink for blue eyes, copper tones for dark eyes, and more are great. Shimmer should be least used and glitter is out of the question. Soft liquid matte eye shadows can be used to a minimum for a natural look to come through.

Younger Looking Skin Remedy

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5. Do not emboss the skin with too much of makeup on a daily basis. Your skin needs to breathe and this is why the less you use makeup, the better it would be.

6. When you use a dot of white eye shadow on the inner corner of the eyes and blend it in, it will whiten the eyes and make it look big and nice.

7. A little shimmer which has a dewy effect can be applied all over the face and the neck for a young, radiant and a fresh look to attain. And this is one of the best ways to look younger the natural way say most makeup experts.

Best Ways To Look Younger

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8. If you have a few pounds too many, love yourself and do not hate yourself. Baggy clothes and mom jeans are to be ditched, because they make you look older and aged, when you are not.

9. Invest in a good fitting bra, which will help take away the existing pounds off the body when you dress in haute wear.

10. Clothing that is too tight or too loose is not advisable to wear.

We hope this mini guide on tips for younger looking skin naturally, home remedies for younger looking face, how to look naturally younger and more comes in handy. We sure you know more tips and have tried and tested many before, some of which we have not even mentioned here- so write in to us and give us the dough on how to look younger naturally. We are eager to learn from you as well!

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