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Here’s How You Can Avoid Gaining Weight During Ramzan

by Fashionlady
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How to avoid gaining weight during Ramzan
During the holy month of Ramzan, when you fast and are in a blissful spiritual state, you might not realize that despite the fasting you are gaining weight at an alarming speed.

Studies have shown that most Muslims gain the most weight during Ramzan. So why is this exactly? And do all Muslims gain weight or is it just some? Well, not all Muslims gain weight during the holy month. In fact, some manage to lose a lot of weight. So what is it that they are doing right that they lose weight while you gain weight? Well, for starters, they are consciously aware of their body and take steps to make sure they lose weight the healthy way. By following some simple steps, you too can make sure that you avoid gaining weight during Ramzan.

1. Avoid Overeating at Iftar

After fasting the whole day, it is understandable that you are ravenous and could out-eat an army of starving elephants. But just because you can does not mean that you have to. Instead of trying to make up for all the meals, you skipped that day by eating till you’re stuffed, try to eat sensibly. Break your fast with some dates or fruits to satiate your initial hunger pangs and then move on to eating your favorite food but in moderation. Moderation is the key to avoiding weight gain during Ramzan.

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Avoid losing weight in Ramzan

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2. Practice Slow-Eating

You were probably taught as a child to eat slowly chewing your food well to aid better digestion. Not only does slow eating help with digestion, but it also ensures that you do not overeat. When you take your time to chew and relish each bite, you tend to eat less. Also, it is a proven fact that it takes your stomach almost fifteen minutes to send signals to your brain that you are full. So when you gulp down the food you actually surpass feeling full and keep on eating till your stomach signals to your brain. So practice slow-eating to avoid eating more than you need.

Diet Plan For Ramzan

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3. Stop Obsessing Over Food

Constantly thinking about food and what food awaits you at the end of the fasting it not going to help your cause. Try to divert your mind from thinking about food all the time. Dedicate yourself to spiritual learning and other such pursuits that will help keep your mind wholly occupied. When you are constantly thinking about food, you start picturing what you want to eat which in turn triggers memories of delicious food items in your head. And the more you think about food, the more you want to eat when you break your fast. You need to realize that what you want to eat and what you need to eat are two very different things.

Weight Loss Tips During Ramzan

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4. Share Your Food

Being a glutton will not do you or others around you any good. Eat to nourish your body and not to nourish your taste buds. Eat enough and then share the rest with those less fortunate. There is no greater joy than sharing and isn’t that the true spirit of being a Muslim. So whenever you want to eat more just because you like the taste of it and not because you are still hungry, make a conscious effort to share that food with those who really need it.

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5. Make Healthy Choices

When you are hungry, your brain tends to gravitate towards fatty food. This means that greasy, unhealthy food sounds appealing than healthier options. Fatty, unhealthy foods are the biggest culprits when it comes to weight gain during Ramzan. So try to break your fast with healthy foods such as fruits and fruit juices, dates and nuts and other such foods.

How to Lose Weight in Ramzan

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We hope that these tips help you avoid gaining weight during Ramzan. Have a blessed Ramzan!

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