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Fashion Tips For Your First Time At A Horse Race

by Fashionlady
Horse Race Fashion Tips

While they’re perhaps biggest in the West, major horse races still take place all over the world, and they’re extraordinarily unique among sporting occasions. The best of them are steeped in tradition, and attending them doesn’t feel like any other kind of athletic event. The horses are magnificent, the crowds are knowledgeable and friendly, and the venues, provided good weather, are often gorgeous.

Horse Race Fashion Tips

Within this general atmosphere, the fan experience at horse racing events is fairly unique as well. There tends to be a collective enthusiasm that’s a little bit different than what you might expect, because people’s only rooting interests come from betting. That said, it’s one of the most popular sports in the betting world, so plenty of spectators do have wagers placed on certain horses. Even so however, everyone’s in it together, to some degree. The experience also feels different because racing grounds are often packed with classy cocktail bars and restaurants, because the action can last for several days and – most of all – because fashion is emphasized! Horse races all around the world have become known for a brand of style showcasing that’s very much their own, which makes them incredible places at which to show off your taste.

Fashion Tips at Horse Race:

At the end of the day, dressing for a horse racing event is all about your own style. However, these are some tips you may want to keep in mind if you have plans to attend a race.

Go Wild With The Hats:

Horse race hats are a fashion statement unto themselves. If you’ve never looked into them, and you do now, you’ll quickly see all kinds of related content: sites selling race day or “derby hats,” lists of the best hats from recent races, etc. Traditionally these hats are oversized, colorful, and extravagant, often with decorations and embellishments such as flowers, feathers, and bows. If you’re planning on attending a horse race for the first time and you want to embrace the fashion and atmosphere of it all, the hat should be your top priority.

Embrace Bold Colors & Combos:

Really, just about anything goes when it comes to color and horse racing fashion. A 2017 look at what to wear to the races with specific examples from major occasions actually noted in successive points to try solid colors, modern prints, and monochrome. That covers a huge spectrum, and doesn’t even speak to some specifics, such as that some spring races tend to have a lot of pastels. So really, whether you’re going for solid colors, patterns, combinations, or anything else, the prevailing idea is to dress boldly.


Go Tailored:

It’s a simple point, but suffice it to say everyone familiar with horse racing fashion dresses to impress, and that means right down to the fit. Women and men alike would do best to dress in well-tailored or at least partially customized attire.


The accessorizing in horse racing fashion doesn’t stop with the hats! As we mentioned, assembling an outfit for a horse racing event is largely about personal style. Though there’s a certain over-the-top quality to the whole concept that makes it a great time to have fun with accessories. That can mean anything from an oversized wristwatch to a bejeweled brooch, and anything in between. Just make sure to enjoy the process.

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