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How To Get Rid Of A Headache: Simple And Effective Home Remedies!

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How to get rid of a headache for women

How to get rid of a headache

There can be nothing worse than a headache. Do you agree with us?

Imagine waking up or starting your day with a headache. It surely sounds bad. A headache can upset your day, slow you down and also ruin your mood. Wondering how to get rid of a headache?

Over the counter medicines are an any time option, but we will give you insights into all that you must know and can do to get rid of that nagging headache. Here it is:

Headache Causes

Its not just loud music, stress or a nagging family member who can be the reason behind your headache. While work and home are things that no one can avoid, there are a few external factors that contribute to your headache, which you can definitely stay away from! Here’s what you need to beware of.

1. Glare

Brightness from your computer screen, sunlight or vehicle headlights can lead to a pounding headache. So, take a break while working or put on those shades while driving to keep your head and eyes cool.

Glare lighting

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2. Eating Patterns

Your eating pattern can be a major contributor for headaches. So, watch what you eat and how you eat. Pack a nutritious meal and also make sure to eat at regular intervals. Remember, junk and haphazard eating hours can put you in a big risk. So, eat healthy and on time.


3. Sleeping Patterns

Similar to your eating pattern, your sleep pattern can also give you a headache. Improper sleep can reduce oxygen flow in your brain, thereby giving you a headache. Human beings need an average of eight hours of sleep. Also, watch your sleeping position and the temperature of the room that you sleep in. The room should neither be too hot nor too cold.

4. Physical Activity

While physical exercise is definitely a good thing, too much can lead to problems. So, take it easy in the gym and go light. Excessive strain can result in a headache from the swelling of blood vessels in your head, neck and scalp.

5. Lack Of Physical Activity

While too much physical activity can be bad, lack of exercise can also be dangerous. Schedule a particular time to exercise and follow it strictly. Remember, by exercise we do not mean running a few miles or doing 10 laps in the pool. It can be as simple as walking, cycling or even climbing the stairs. Do what you enjoy, but make sure to do it regularly.

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6. Posture

Your mother was probably right in getting petrified seeing you sit in one place for a long time, looking into your computer. Well, posture can hurt your head more than what you can imagine. Sit upright so that the blood flow in your system is intact. Also, move a bit while working so that your mind gets some time off and the body get some activity.

7. Hormones

Headaches are very common, especially before your monthly cycles. The oestrogen level in your body drops just before your get your period and this can lead to headaches.

8. Foods

Did you know that some foods and drinks can also lead to headaches? Yes, you heard us right! Not all foods are good for everyone. Some foods like caffeine, chocolate, cheese and more can give a headache. So, watch out before you binge!


  1.  Primary Headache
  2.  Secondary Headache
  3.  Cranial pain, facial pain and other headaches

Primary Headache

Primary headache includes migraines, tensions and cluster headaches. While these are very common in both men, women and children, they can be nagging and can spoil your mood for the day. However these headaches are not life threatening and vanish with over the counter medication and balms.

  • Tension headaches stem from the back of the head and radiate all the way to the neck. The intense pain is often at the temple and eyebrow areas where the temporal and frontal muscles are located.
  • Cluster headaches are those that come as a cluster but are separated by pain-free periods. This type of headache affects men more frequently. They often begin in adolescence but can extend into middle age.

Secondary Headaches

Secondary headaches are caused due to the underlying structural problems in the head or neck. Tooth ache, infected or decayed tooth, neck sprain, sinus etc all lead to secondary headaches. Hangovers, excess medication or too much alcohol consumption also leads to secondary headaches.

Cranial Pain, Facial Pain And Other Headaches

This is the headache caused due to the inflammation of one of the 12 cranial nerves. While this is rare, it definitely needs immediate medical attention.

What To Do When You Have A Headache?

Most of the times we try to kill our headache by sipping hot coffee or by getting over the counter pills and balms. While these might be the regular measures, there are some simple yet effective remedies you can take at home to ward off that headache.

Following these simple home remedies for headache will help you battle it with ease:

  1. Firstly, stay at home, switch off your phone and laptops and get some good rest. In the mean while, remember to stay hydrated.
  2. If your headache is because of runny nose or cold, humidifying the room will help the sinuses to drain.
  3.  A warm compress on the forehead and neck region can help soothe the pain.
  4.  Ginger can help reduce the inflammation of blood vessels in the head. So sip on some hot tea with ginger or simply boil ginger and lemon juice, add it to water and gulp it down.
  5.  Methanol and methone, both of which are the primary components of mint, help in relieving headache. If you hate to sip on it, then simply extract the juice and apply it on your forehead.
  6.  The cold from ice helps to reduce inflammation that contribute to headache and also helps to numb the pain.



So, the next time you have a nagging headache, follow these simple yet effective home remedies and battle it out smartly!

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