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How To Look Good In Glasses: Tips To Look Cool With Glasses On!

by Fashionlady
Wearing Glasses Without Makeup

How To Look Good In Glasses

Women who wear glasses will know how difficult it is to choose the right dress, the right makeup and the right look when you have the ‘nerdy’ glasses on. See, that’s the thing, most people who see others wearing glasses, will only associate glass-wearers with the word ‘nerd’ or sometimes ‘bookish’. The good news is that this particular statement is changing now and fashionistas are actually going back to wearing fashionable and trendy glasses!

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In order to know how to look good in glasses, you will first have to find a pair which you are comfortable with. Many a time when we decide on wearing glasses for the first time, we will buy a pair which is the most fashionable at that point of time. You will have to understand that a particular style will go out of fashion in a while but if you buy a pair in which you are comfortable and you can rock comfortably, you won’t ever need to change them, of course, unless you are bored with the style!


Ways To Look Beautiful In Glasses

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1. Trim The Eyebrows

The biggest misconception a woman wearing glasses can have is the fact that no one is going to notice her eyebrows. Well, sorry to burst your bubble madam, but glasses will make your eyebrows even more obvious! So, use those tweezers and clean up the mess there. Keep your eye-brows clean and neatly-shaped, and half the battle is already won! This is one of the best ways to look gorgeous in glasses!

Ways To Look Pretty With Glasses

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2. Concealer Is Your Best Friend!

You might think that no one can see your imperfections when you have your glasses on, but the sad news is these flaws are highlighted even more when you are wearing your glasses! The wrinkles, the dark circles and the blemishes will become even more prominent when you wear glasses. The best way to deal with this and look good even wearing glasses is to invest in a good concealer. Lightly dot the under eye area with a concealer which matches your skin tone and blend well. Once you are done, lightly dust some compact powder to set the concealer in place.

Look Pretty With Glasses

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3. Curl Those Lashes

Yes, we repeat, your eyelashes will look good when you use a curler. In fact for women who have really long lashes, mascara will help you to keep those lashes in control. Curl them and voila, you will look wide awake! Volumizing mascara works the best with people who wear glasses and not the lengthening one. Lengthening mascara has a tendency to smudge and may end up creating dark spots on your glasses!


Look Good In Wearing Glasses

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4. You Should Use Makeup!

Many people think that wearing glasses with makeup is a waste. After all, who can ‘see your makeup beneath the glasses’? Well, ladies, let’s break it down to you. Your makeup is visible under your glasses and in order to look pretty with glasses, you will need to highlight those brows, curl those lashes and use eye-shadow! Here are some best makeup tips for women wearing glasses:

Wearing Glasses For The First Time

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Sultry, smoky and burgundy eyes: Going for a nighttime date? This look is extremely easy for a nighttime look and is really very simple. Instead of using eye shadow, you need to use eyeliner in warm colour (choose either plum or violet) and smudge it for a sexy effect.

Ways To Look Gorgeous In Glasses

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Opt out of Black Eyeliner and use Sparkly colours or Burgundy: Black is common and most people who use black liner or shadow when wearing glasses may feel that it can be too heavy. A sparkly navy or a deep burgundy liner is a much warmer colour and looks good on every one!

Look Good Eeven Wearing Glasses

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