How To Make Clothes Fit Better! Your Ultimate Online Shopping Guide!


How to buy clothing online

We all love shopping! Festival or no festival, one simply needs no reason to shop. But, when we shop online, we often wonder how to make clothes fit better! Sounds familiar? Yes, online shopping might be a solution to a lazy day, but there are certain pointers you must know before you go out and about.

All of us know how to buy clothing online, which makes malls only a venue for eating or other fun activities. Even the biggest of the biggest brands are available online these days, making life simpler for all of us. And this holds true not just for clothes, but even for footwear, accessories and other goods.

While we all love to buy things at the click of a finger, do we actually know how to shop online? Well,the truth is most of us don’t.

So here’s your little guide on how to shop online without any hacks!

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How To Buy Clothing Online

Gone are the days when people went to stores or malls to shop! These days malls are a mere eating joint or an entertainment outlet. There are very few people who actually go to malls to shop. And why not, the internet has invaded the shopping space too with every other shop having an online store which probably throws larger options than a store itself.

Online shopping is the latest trend which has engulfed a major section of the population, especially women. With women having very little time to step out of home for everything, online shopping has been a game-changer in bringing goods to their doorstep at a mere click.

And this of course does not restrict itself only to garments or accessories. Even supermarkets have fallen prey to this growing trend. Big Basket, Groffers and a whole lot of other apps, make it all the more easy for women to run the show.

However, there are a few pointers you must keep in mind before you buy that top or even use your card online. Fashion Lady brings to you a complete guide on the do’s and don’t’s while you shop online. So, read on and make your shopping experience a pleasant one!


Online Shopping Guides

1. Security

First and foremost, security is key to any online shopping. Most online stores are reliable but it just takes one phishing site to put your card details to danger. To avoid this, make sure you shop only from reliable brands. If you are buying a product from an unknown company, read up, do a bit of research and look for reviews before you decide to buy. For increased protection, use encrypted sites. Web addresses that start with “https://” or have a closed, gold padlock in the lower right hand corner of your browser screen use encryption, an increased level of security. Lastly, if you receive an e-mail circular from an e-retailer, instead of clicking on the provided link to the site, type the Web address into your browser. This way, you can protect yourself from phishing e-mails that hijack you to dummy sites designed to steal your credit card information.

Buying Clothes Online: Tips For A Safe Shopping Experience

Online shopping can be a breeze, but there are certain nuances to this too. Here are a few do’s and don’t’s!

1. Stick To Known Brands

‘Known devils are better than unknown angels’ and this is the mantra for online shopping too. Known brands often have a good brand image, which they will like to retain. So, quality, customer service, pricing, fit and other policies might be designed in a customer- friendly manner. Also, looking up reviews becomes easier with known brands. What’s bonus? You might have already tried a piece of garment of the famous brand in their store, so size does not become a matter of concern.

2. Use Credit Cards Or Secure Payment Services

While shopping online, it is wise to use your credit card and not a debit card. This is because, as a rule credit cards offer higher protection to the customers when used online. Also, your financial details are never disclosed as the credit card is not linked to any bank account. Further, all credit cards come with a limit and this helps you to keep a tab on your expenses too. Lastly, secure payment services like Paypal are also safe platforms as they act as a middleman in transferring the amount to the store. This way your bank details remain completely out of the picture.

Use Credit Cards or Secure Payment Services

3. Be Wary Of Offers

We all jump when we see offers! But hang on! There are plenty of scams that are geared up to hook you in with tempting offers. In some cases, it could also just cause a virus to your computer. This is the case especially during festive seasons like Diwali, Christmas or New Year, when people actually shop a lot. So be double sure before you fall for any such offers. Also, check on the reliability of the brand and the URL.

Be Wary Of Offers

4. Use Your Phone Network Over Public Wifi

Public wifi is all over the place and we all love it when there is wifi available that too at no cost. From malls to theatres, cafes and airports, most places these days have access to free wifi. However, do not shop anything online while you are not connected to any free wifi. As much as these are tempting, these hotspots can also be very unsafe and hack your account. So, watch out!

Online Shoping Ideas

So, now that you are fully aware of what to watch out while you shop online, share your shopping experience with us in the comments below!


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