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How To Organize Your Closet: Give That Wardrobe A Celebrity Makeover!

by Fashionlady
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How To Organize Your Closet

We all love to see a well-organised wardrobe, don’t we? The tops and saris hung in a hanger, the trousers and denims stacked in a corner and the lingerie tucked in safely in a draw! Doesn’t that sound like a dream? But, many times in our daily rush the closet takes a beating and from prim and perfect, it almost becomes a junk yard. So, how to make clothes look organised and neat? While this might not be rocket science, especially with all the help from Google, there are a few tricks to make this easy and doable.

From arranging your clothes in the wardrobe to managing it amidst your daily rush, here’s how to organise your closet like a pro!

Closet Organisation Ideas And Tips

1. Empty The Closet

Start with a clean slate! Empty out your closet, so that you can sort what you want and what you don’t need. This also gives you the chance to clean your wardrobe, paint it in a favourite colour, add some fresheners and give it a fresh look and aroma.

2. Categorize

Now that you have emptied your closet inside out, segregate your clothes. Pile up each type separately. Now comes the hard part! Be honest with yourself and decide what you want and what you don’t. There’s just no point piling clothes which you feel you might use later. Make up your mind that it’s alright if it doesn’t fit you any longer. There are a lot of people in need. So do some good deed by donating clothes which are in good shape. The rest, add it to the throwaway pile.

3. Seasonal Storage

We all dress according to the season. While summer calls for cotton and linen, winter needs woolen and fur to keep you warm and cozy. For instance, it’s winter now, so pull out all those sweatshirts and jackets. Collect all your whites, yellows, and other summery colors and put them on the bottom most rack or right at the back. This way you use all your clothes while staying on par with the trend as well.

Best Way To Organize The Clothing

4. Find A Spot For Least-Used Items

We all have a few tops, shirts or pants which we pull out reluctantly or never do at all. If your heart does not give way to get rid of them, find them a new home. Pull them out of your everyday closet and make a new hideout so that there is more room. Also, not seeing a particular dress for a long time might make you want to wear it. So try it!

5. Play With Hangers

Hangers are the best way to organise the clothing. From velvet and slippery silks to notched for spaghetti straps and padded ones for delicate tops, hangers are for every kind of clothing. So use them generously! You could also add a dash of colour to your wardrobe by picking up coloured hangers or just stick a few fun stickers on the existing ones. Watch the magic it adds to your wardrobe!

Best way to organise the clothing For Women

6. Spend Wisely

We all like to pile our closet with clothes. While it’s nice to have options, it’s nicer to have the best. So, when you go shopping next time, consider buying one good dress, instead of three or four casual ones. This will not just maximise your wardrobe space, but will also bring in a change in your collection and trend. Sounds good, right?

7. Let There Be Light

Shops and online marketing appeal to us mainly because of pictures. So how about doing the same at home? Pick some good lights for your wardrobe. This will not only let you spot things easily but might also make you want to wear something you have hated all the while. That’s the trick behind store lighting too! So try it in your own closet!

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How to arrange wardrobe neatly


8. Spend On Space Savers

Now that you have organised your closet, consider buying a few shelves or cubbies which will optimise your space. There are plenty of it available in the market. So pick a few that fit your need. These can be used to throw in little things like belts, undergarments, handkerchiefs, towels, socks etc. This will particularly be of use to those who have wardrobes without drawers or compartments.

Spend On Space Savers

9. Colour Co-Ordinate

This might sound too far-fetched but will definitely help in the long run. Sorting clothes colour-wise will make your mad morning so much easier. So next time you frantically hunting for that pink top, to go with your skirt, you are going to thank yourself for colour coordinating.

How to organise your apparel

12. Make Space For Bags

We all have the habit of using one bag and forgetting all about the rest. So how do you avoid this? Simple! Buy a fancy wall hook and put your bags on display. This not only allows you to rotate your bag, but will also add a dash of colour to your closet. Similarly, you can hang your belts on display too!

Make Space For Bags

13. A Little Something

Last but definitely not the least, adding a little something will definitely make your closet stand out from others. If you are a person who collects shoes, put them out on a display. You could invest in a nice rolling shelf and leave near your closet. Display some of your good collection and see how it transforms your closet. If you collect jewellery, then lay out a nice sari or a silk dupatta and place your jewels on it. You could also pick a nice jewellery box.

So now that you know how to arrange wardrobe neatly, go on and put it to use and enjoy watching your wardrobe get a celebrity makeover!

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