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How To Make Clothes Yourself: Your Pocket-Friendly DIY Guide!

by Fashionlady
What to do with old clothes

How to make clothes For Women

Old clothes are like dust! A lot of it gets accumulated in all our homes. Well, but what do we do with it? Toss it away? Donate to charity? These are the usual options. But do you know how to make clothes re-usable?

Yes, just like a lot of other things, you can recycle clothes as well. What’s bonus? They can be done at home, without you having to break your bank!

Read on and find out what to do with old clothes!

Recycle Old Clothes: Ideas And Tips

1. Jeans

First and foremost on our list is jeans. We all own a pair of well-fitted denim for sure, but what do we do when they get worn out? Think before you throw them away, as there are a lot of interesting uses for old jeans. Here’s what to do with old jeans!


  • If you are bored of the colour, do a fabric paint or print and make it quirky. Adding some colour will give a whole new look and feel to your jeans and will also let you strike a style statement.
  • Ever though of carrying your old jeans in the form of a bag? Yes, you heard us right! Here’s how to make bags from jeans. Printed or plain, your jeans can be converted into stylish and chic denim bags. Simply chop off the legs first. Now flip the jeans inside out and sew the edges and the bottom, leaving the top open. For the handle, cut out a strip from the chopped legs, place a fancy fabric of your choice on top and sew together. Finally place the handle on either sides of the bag and sew. Voila, you have a brand new denim bag to show off. You make it more stylish by adding some appliqué, lace, beads, stickers or even paint or print on it.

How to make bags from jeans

  • Old jeans can also be used as a fancy cover for your personal diary.
  • If you have lot of scraps then, sew them all together and make a quirky door mat.
  • Know how to reuse old clothes for pillows? Old denims or any fabric for that matter, can make for great pillow or cushion cases. While almost any cloth can be recycled into a cushion or pillow cover, old denims are perfect to give your living room that class. So cut them out, sew them, do some art work and show off your skills in your own home.
  • Scraps of denim can also be used to make cute napkins, table cloth, bows, soft toys, tote bags and much more.

How to reuse old clothes for pillows

So, follow these simple hacks and DIY old clothes into brand new ones!

2. Socks

Another accessory which never finds its way out are socks. Well, the biggest problem is that most of us often misplace one pair, making it unusable thereafter. So what to do with old socks? Just like denims and other clothes, old socks can also be put to use in many ways.


  • Make A Potpourri Bundle

Simple grab an old pair, dump in your favourite aromas, make a bundle and leave it anywhere for a refreshing smell. So cost-effective right? This can be a great way ward off musty smell from home, especially during winters.

What to do with old socks

  • Dust And Polish Furniture

Forget pricey wipes and swiffers! Your very own socks can dust and polish your furniture, leaving it squeaky clean. Just slip it into your hands, spray a bit of furniture polish and voila your house is sure to shine.

  • Fix A Wobbly Table

We all hate wobbly tables! Your sock can fix it in a jiffy! Simply cut a few pieces and stuff it under the leg util the table is in level.

  • Put Game Pieces

You will be nodding for this, especially if you have kids at home. Board games are fun, but we all have those naughty pranksters at home who misplace one or two pieces. So, pick them all put them inside a sock. You could also tie a ribbon around it, to ensure you child does not throw it around all over again.

  • Massaging

Bid goodbye to those expensive massagers! The humble socks can do all of it too. Dump in some ice into your socks and use it as an ice pack to soothe swellings. Ice should never be used directly on the skin as it can cause frost burns! You could also fill it with rice, grains, beans or oats, heat it a bit and use it as a hot pack to massage your back or foot.

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3. Dresses

We all spend a bomb on party-wear dresses which we forget all about after that friend’s wedding or that special date! But do know you can make a pretty, stylish and stunning dress out of your very own old clothes? Yes, and that too without shelling a penny! Here’s how to make a recycled dress.

Old saris are a great option for dresses. Silk, traditional and rich, these saris will let you pull off an Indo-Western look with zero investment. Make ample use of the borders, add some detailing around the waist or sleeve and you are sure to make heads turn.

How to make a recycled dress

Old Saris Can Also Make For A Great Home Decor.

  • If you are bored of that plain black dress, give it a little twist! Stick some pearls around the neckline or make a huge flower patch on one of the shoulders. Applique and lace detailing also work like magic on a plain dress.
  • If lose shoulders or cleaving neckline is the issue, sew in a bra from the inside or add a little button that can hold your bra strap and you are sure to use the dress more often than you did,

So, now that you have an ultimate guide on how to recycle old clothes, go on and try these DIY old clothes and make a whole new wardrobe out of it!

Old saris can also make for a great home decor

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