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How To Make Clothes Smell Good During Winter: Tips To Ward Off Musty Smell!

by Fashionlady
Remove Musty Smell

How To Get Rid Of Musty Smells In Clothes

The most-awaited season of the year is finally here! However, winter brings with it pesky little problems, among which managing clothes becomes the toughest. Wondering how to make clothes smell and look fresh? Here’s help!

From musty smell to becoming a cozy home for fungus, your clothes suffer a whole of problems during winter. If you think mere washing and ironing will help you get rid of the musty smell and dampness, it’s time you think again! You might just be wrong. Yes, your daily washing routine might remove dirt, but clothes need a little more than that to battle winter woes.


While dealing with infections is a usual thing during winters, the musty smell your clothes pick is a whole different thing. From getting rid of the mushy mud to keeping your wardrobe free of fungus and musty smell, there are a plethora of issues you need to address to ensure your clothes breathe and stay fresh after every wash.

During winters, the humidity in the air is very thick because of which clothes retain their moisture and dampness. While this is the case for all fabrics, cotton is the most susceptible. So, how does one deal with this menace?

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Here are simple hacks you can do at home for musty odour removal. Follow them now!

1. Clean Your Closet Inside Out For Musty Odour Removal

We all wash our clothes, but what about our wardrobes? Yes, our wardrobes need some cleaning too. So before you put back those fresh-smelling clothes into your shelf, deep clean your cupboard. While any detergent or spray might leave your wardrobe smelling good, a solution of white vinegar mixed in water is an age-old way to get rid of musty smell and fungus in your cupboard. Once this is done, you could lay out a thick sheet or a newspaper before stacking up the clothes.

2. Never Say No To ‘Neem’

Neem leaves are naturally blessed with anti-pest and anti-fungal properties. So make use of them to the fullest. Placing a bunch of leaves in-between your clothes will not only help in musty odour removal but will also prevent fungus and other insects from entering your wardrobe.

3. How To Get Rid Of Musty Smell In Clothes


Silica gel pouches when kept in-between clothes, absorbs moisture and prevents fungus from growing on clothes. Apart from this, lemon juice is the answer to so many problems. Make a solution of one tablespoon of lemon juice to one cup of water. Place in a spray bottle and mist the shirt or garment all over. If this is not possible, then hang it up in an area that has good air circulation. Once dry, your clothes will have a fresh smell. Also naphthalene balls, lavender sachets and other flavoured garment fresheners can help get rid of musty smell.

4. Don’t Dump Your Washing Machine

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If you are someone who does not use the machine on a daily basis, it’s time you do so. Collecting used clothes in the machine will not only pile up your work but will also increase the musty smell. You sure don’t want this! Do you? So ensure you don’t pile your clothes inside the machine or laundry basket. Make a separate place in your room, which is well-aired so that your clothes don’t stink more before they get washed.

Get Rid Of Musty Smell

5. Add Vinegar Or Baking Soda To Your Detergent

Vinegar and basic soda both have properties which can help you get rid of musty smell. So adding a handful in your detergent will remove bad odour from your clothes. However, make sure you use only white vinegar.

Get-Rid Of Musty Smell For Clothes

6. Dry Your Clothes In The Room

Waiting for the sun to smile on you is going to be a dream in winter! So make use of your room. Keep the fan on and dry the clothes near the window or any other place which is well ventilated. This will not only help in quick drying, but will also help you remove musty smell from clothes.

7. Store Your Clothes In A Dry Place

While washing and drying is one part of taking care of clothes during winter, stacking them in the right place can be the key. So, once your clothes are out of the machine and dried, make sure you store them in a dry place. Adding two or three sticks of chalk will also help in musty odour removal.

9. Trouble With Towels

Towels are one of the most important accessories in your wardrobe and no matter how many you stock up, you are bound to run short of them during monsoons. And why not, after all they are thick and don’t dry easily. While you cannot wait for the sun, adding more detergent while washing towels will help get rid of that musty smell. Remember, half-dried or half-washed towels can also lead to skin irritations.

Get-Rid Of That Musty Smell For Clothers

10. Avoid Spreading The Bad Odour

While it is perfectly fine for clothes to have that musty smell in winter, there is no reason or excuse why should allow the smell to spread to your other clothes, especially undies! So just before you wash your clothes, make sure you put your undies in a lingerie bag or a pillow case, so that the bad odour does not spread to your undies too!

11. Prioritise

Most of all, prioritise! When the weather is not favourable, remind the entire family and ensure you don’t end up piling clothes which don’t really need a wash. After all, you don’t sweat or perspire in winter, so repeating clothes is not a bad thing. This is one little way to save your clothes from that musty smell!

12. Bid Goodbye To Moulds

Moulds are not only ugly to look at but can also be very harmful to the lungs and for people with asthma and other breathing issues. To ward off moulds make sure you leave the exhaust fan on during and after a shower. Another major reason for moulds is pipe leaks. So keep a close watch and fix them to prevent the buildup of moisture and the growth  of mould. Apart from this, they can also attack your clothes, leaving behind a musty smell.

13. Choose Your Wash Cycle

Most washing machines come with various preset cycles for musty odour removal. So carefully read your manual and set one which suits you. Some general instructions include:

  • Use warm water for dark or bright coloured clothes.
  • Delicates and cold wash only clothing need cold water and a gentle spin
  • Towels and linens can generally tolerate heavy spin and a warmer temperature.
  • Whites get cleaned best in hot water
  • Remove musty smell from clothes by soaking in luke warm water before wash

Musty Odour Removal

Now that you have some handy tips, make sure you follow these and make your clothes smell must free this winter! If you have any tried and tested ways to keep clothes looking brand new and smelling good, then do share them with us!

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