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How to Pick Beading Needles For Fabrics

by Fashionlady
How to Pick Needle for Beading on Fabric

How to Pick Needle for Beading on Fabric
In my previous post I have shared an elaborate tutorial on how to sew beads onto fabric. I am once again back with another useful post on how to pick perfect needle for beading on fabric. Needle is one of the most important tools for beading.

Let’s just find out more on how to pick needle for beading!

If you are a beginner, then first thing you need to learn is about the usage of appropriate tools. Most of the needles will easily get through the beads, select the smallest needle possible for your embroidery.

While trying to frame the beads onto the garment, the wampum can only form a straight line, provided you are using the right kind of needle with required amount of thickness. After couching, you can then do hand basting by using another needle. To summarize beading, especially couching methods, adhere to different types of needles.

Uses of needles

It becomes necessary for you to understand the kind of needles required for various types of beads. For instance, small sized beads require the narrow eyed needle i.e. size ranging from 10 to 15. Any size from 10 to 15 can fit to that particular chaplet. However, size 12 tapestry fits accurately to the size of the seed-sized beads. This needle is particularly preferred for embroidery patchworks.


On the other hand, a long needle is usually used in loom beading, which involves the following types –

  • Wire frame bead looms
  • Wood fixed frame bead loom
  • Adjustable frame bead loom
  • Continuous warp bead loom
  • Upright loom

It is one of the most interesting ways as it creates rows of crystal works, where these stones are aligned perfectly in a straight line, thereby making it look like a grid formation.

You’ll also find a curve shaped needle which is used for getting through tiniest of spaces. Some artisans in India, prefer the stiff quilt-like needle work, where as the regular beading needles are preferred at large which you can get even at your nearest grocery store. Your well-designed tools should also be capable enough to render your job flawlessly.

Beading needle with number 10 John Frames is the one which I had used for the tutorial in my previous post.

You will find a variety of boxes/safes to safely store your needles. So do not forget to pick a needle box while shopping for beads and thread.

So here was a quick knowledge transfer on how to pick perfect needle for beading on fabric. Hope this helps!

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