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How to Prevent Cervical Cancer: 5 Points You Need to Keep in Mind

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How to Prevent Cervical Cancer

How to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Cancer is known to be one of the deadliest diseases around the world. Though most of the forms of cancer are non-preventable, there are still a few which can be averted beforehand with proper preventive measures. Cervical cancer is just one of them.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do for avoiding it is to consume lots of fresh fruits and veggies every day. Include different colored foods in your diet every day. It will supply sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your body and help you fight against the ailment to a great extent.

But there are some other ways too that can put off the regular cervical cells from getting converted into the cancerous ones. We have listed ways to prevent cervical cancer for you:

1. Go For Pap Smear On A Regular Basis

‘Pap Smear’ or ‘Cervical Smear’ is the abbreviated name of the ‘Papanicolaou Test’. It is basically a cervical screening test that can help you the most in detecting the possibilities of cervical cancer and taking necessary precautions accordingly. In a Pap Test, the physician inspects the inner section of your lady bits and scrapes off some cells from your cervix by using a cotton swab. The retrieved cells are then examined microscopically to find out the presence of potentially pre-cancerous processes inside the reproductive system.

When it comes to preventing fatal diseases like cervical cancer, early detection is always considered as the greatest defense. So, getting your pap regularly is absolutely crucial. However, it is only your doctor who can advise you about how frequently you should undergo it.

2. Follow-Up of Awry Pap Smears Is Vital

Just getting a Pap Smear doesn’t ensure that you are away from the risk of cervical cancer. The result of the test actually matters. If there is something abnormal in your Pap test report, you need to schedule a follow-up with your doctor. Usually, an anomalous Pap Smear result indicates that you have developed certain ‘suspicious cells’ in your endocervical canal. This is medically termed as ‘dysplasia’ which, when left untreated, can lead to cervical cancer. In fact, it can relapse even if you have been properly treated and then, ignore the follow-ups with your regular Pap tests. Hence, stay in touch with your doctor and go for additional tests like smear test, colposcopy or biopsies as required.

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Follow-Up of Awry Pap Smears Is Vital to to Prevent Cervical Cancer

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3. Be Selective About Your Sexual Partners

Being sexually active and enjoying with multiple partners may be a fun for you. But according to experts, the more you increase the number of your sexual partners, the more you become vulnerable to cervical cancer. Well, it doesn’t mean that you are completely safe when you have just a single partner. The thing is that the risk goes considerably higher as the total number of your partners rises.

Several studies have found that the reason behind most of the cervical cancer cases (as much as 75%) is an HPV (Human Papillomavirus) infection. It is nothing but a dangerous STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), which can only be prevented by limiting your sexual contact to one partner and opting for protected intercourses. Therefore, be as much selective as possible about choosing your sexual partner and do not forget to use a protection.

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4. Do Not Skip Your HPV Vaccine

The HPV vaccine can provide excellent protection to women against some of the riskiest HPV strains. In general, it is given to women who are yet to be sexually active. A girl can get her shot even when she is only 9 or 10 years old as it works best for younger women. However, you can receive the HPV vaccine as long as you are less than 26 years old. If you are already active sexually and have contracted a few HPV strains, the vaccine cannot protect you from them. But you will definitely be able to prevent new HPV contracts with it. So, make sure that you get your HPV vaccine to avoid the risk of developing cervical cancer.

Do Not Skip Your HPV Vaccine to Prevent Cervical Cancer

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5. Say ‘No’ to Active and Passive Smoking

Last but not the least; stay away from smoking by all possible means. Cigarettes are given the name ‘cancer sticks’ due to their direct link to different types of cancer including the cervical one. Smoking more than 10 cigars a day can accelerate the growth of cancerous cells in our body significantly. And when you develop an HPV infection along with it, the chances of developing as well as speeding up cervical dysplasia goes higher. The same is true for ‘passive’ or secondhand smoking too. Hence, nothing can be better than kicking your habit of smoking. It will not only save you, but will also save others around you from the deadly disease of cervical cancer.

No Smoking

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