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How To Take Care Of Fine Hair

by Fashionlady
Fine Hair Tips

How To Take Care Of Fine Hair

There are many across the nation that have very fine hair, wavy to frizzy and with curls or maybe straight hair too- they need help! Here today, we would like to talk about how to take care of fine hair, because ignoring the hair type would make you look shabby, dull and drab.

Fine Hair Tips And Solutions

Take a look at the various tips and help notes on how to take care of fine hair and check what best works for you.

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You need to know if your hair which is fine, is oily or dry. This will help you choose the right shampoo, which would remove any excess sebum on the scalp. If the hair is too dry, you would need to have shampoo which has moisturizer in it; and a balancing shampoo for very oily hair is a must.

Best Styling Products For Fine Hair

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Do you use volumnizing shampoos? Most women with fine hair would use the same, because it helps cleanse the hair and not strip the oils from the hair. Build-up is removed and the hair looks full and thick after blow drying. The conditioner with it helps detangle and soften the hair too.


Best Hair Products For Fine Hair

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How do you use a towel on fine hair? Do you rub it hard to dry the hair? Stop doing that. Blot your hair and scrunch the towel into your hair, which wouldn’t rough up the cuticle and keep the hair in good stead. And when you use a blow dryer, the hair would turn less frizzy but more volume would come.

Hair Products For Fine Hair

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To create an illusion of thick hair, you need to use a lift up for the hair closest to the scalp. This means, when your hair is wet, blow dry the hair 80-20, and then apply mousse near the root of the hair to lift it up. Then blow dry the hair and you would see how the hair doesn’t stick to the scalp.

Fine Hair Care

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One of the best fine hair tips would be to use gels or hair sprays or mousse to individually section the hair and make it look thicker. When then hair is damp, apply the hair product and blow dry outwards the fine hair. This would help shape the hair and make it look fluffy and full.

Fine Hair Treatment For Womens


If you have always been using one partitioning to your hair, one of the fine hair care tips we would give out now is to switch the section. If the hair was parted middle, you can now change it to one side or go diagonal for a dramatic effect. You can also wear it backwards with a pouf to make the face look slender and slim.

Fine Hair Treatment

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Play more with curls and waves, using tongs and crimps to make the hair look full and voluminous. This would be an ideal way to make the hair look fluffed up. But always use thermal protection hair products and then the heat. However, if you check out our previous posts, we have spoken about ways to get your crimps and curls sans the use of tongs and flat irons or heat. This would help save the hair and you wouldn’t have to worry about the hair damage too.

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