How to Treat Moles and Skin Tags both Medically and Naturally


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While moles are skin growths that develop due to pigmentation; skin tags are small skin growths that occur due to the accumulation of blood vessels and collagen tissues. While both these pop ups are harmless, they are a major cosmetic issue for the beauty conscious. While there is an array of treatments to get rid of such beauty ailments, I share with you an exclusive post on how to treat moles and skin tags both medically and naturally.

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How skin tags occur

Skin tags usually occur due to the accumulation of blood vessels and collagen tissues in the skin folds. These skin tags usually occur due to obesity, diabetes, heredity, excess use of steroids and hormonal changes due to pregnancy, to name a few.

Even though skin tags are harmless they can still cause a lot of damage especially to one’s self esteem. Women prefer wearing high neck clothes only to hides those unwanted and ugly blemishes.


Here are the two common traditional methods of getting rid of skin tags –

  1. The base of the tags is tied with thread or dental floss so as to cut off the blood supply. The tags then die and fall off eventually
  2. Sterile scissors are used to cut off those tags

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However these two treatments can backfire, as in most cases, people get injured as blood oozes out further damaging the ailments.

How to differentiate between a wart and skin tag?

  1. While wart is rough with irregular surface; skin tag is smooth with soft texture
  2. Wart is usually flat and skin tag hangs off the skin
  3. Wart is contagious and spreads easily, while skin tag isn’t contagious

How doctors cure skin tags?

  1. Cauterization – In this process, the skin tag is burned off through electrolysis method
  2. Cryosurgery – In this process, the skin tag is frozen off by applying liquid nitrogen on the skin tags
  3. Ligation – In this process, the blood supply is cut off to the skin tags, thus they die and eventually drop off
  4. Excision – In this process a scalpel is used to remove the skin tags
  5. OTC – OTC solution is used to freeze the skin tag and it takes around 7-10 days to remove wart and skin tags

The medical procedures can be painful. However, in certain cases doctors use anesthesia to numb the area before they take the burning or cutting treatments to remove skin tags.

Here are a few natural methods to remove skin tags –

Apple cider vinegar

This is one of the best home remedies to remove skin tags. Soak a piece of cotton in this vinegar and apply it over the skin tag for over a month. The tags will fall off eventually without any pain.

Castor oil

Mix some baking powder with castor oil and form a paste. Apply this paste on the tags for 2-4 weeks and skin tags will disappear gradually.

Pineapple juice

Here is another simple way to get rid of skin tags. Pineapple juice when applied on the tags for 2-3 times a week without rinsing it, for about 10 days continously, help get rids of moles, warts and skin tags permanently.

So those were some useful tips on how to treat moles and skin tags both medically and naturally. Hope this helps!


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