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Myths & Facts About Drinking Water Many Still Believe In

by Fashionlady
Myths & Facts About Drinking Water Many Still Believe In - Testing Waters

Myths & Facts About Drinking Water Many Still Believe In - Testing Waters
Water is a universal fact and there is nothing denying this argument. But what’s astonishing is that how the simple act of drinking water is tricked with such baseless lies that it is indeed difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Even though water is supposed to be our lifeline, there have been enough times when we have found ourselves under the weight of useless myths linked to drinking water. But, not anymore. Today, we will unravel the mystery behind real myths and facts about drinking water.

Myth: Yellow colour urine is a sign of dehydration.

Fact: In some cases yes, but not entirely, as all yellow urine might happen because of many other health conditions. Factors such as taking a multivitamin, jaundice, gallstones, cirrhosis, and hepatitis could also be the reason why you are having yellow urine. Ideally, your urine should be straw yellow in colour.



Myth: I should drink 8 glasses of water, and nothing more or less than this prescribed amount

Fact: Scientifically speaking, the amount of water you consume should be based on your size, activity level, diet and unique body chemistry and not to forget, the kind of climate you live in. It is a proven medical fact that the standard amount of water is based on 1 ml per calorie burned.

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 I should drink 8 glasses of water


Myth: Vitamin water has more minerals, gives you instant energy and should be preferred over normal water.

Fact: Vitamin water contains added sugar and calories, which nobody, unless and until below their ideal body weight, would need. Getting your fluids from naturally sourced tap water cannot be compared to vitamin water, an artificial sweeteners loaded way of keeping you hydrated.

vitamin water


Myth: Drinking more of water leads to weight loss.

Fact: Drinking water might be a helpful tool for dieters, but it in no way going to lead to weight loss. Agreed it is devoid of any calories, and needs to be consumed on timely basis in order to keep you hydrated and give a sense of satisfaction, but it is not a magical formula that will lead to weight loss on its own. Devoid of a health lifestyle, comprising of right diet and exercising routine, water alone cannot help you to lose weight.


Myth: If you are drinking water whenever you feel the sudden need for it, it means you are already dehydrated.

Fact: Please understand that the thirst begins when the concentration of substances in the body has risen by 2 to 5 percent. More often than not, there is a general attitude of taking the act of drinking water as granted, hence when your tongue becomes dry and your mind tells you you are thirsty, it doesn’t always mean you are dehydrated, it just means you need to drink water – an act you should more regularly indulge in!

Myths & Facts About Drinking Water Many Still Believe In - Testing Waters

Myth: Water alone will not help you in high level of athletics, you need sorts drinks for it.

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