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How To Wax Your Legs – Do It Like A Pro

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waxing legs at home

how to wax your legs

Waxing your legs at home not only lets you flaunt a sexy, svelte, and willowy figure but also help save $30-$80 that you’d have blown away at a beauty salon. Waxing is undoubtedly more effective and safer than using razor to do away with hairy outgrowth on the skin, particularly on the legs. A single waxing job results in your legs looking glossier and smoother as well as keeps them hair-free at least for a month.

Waxing Legs At Home – Basic Tips

Waxing legs at home periodically leads to finer and reduced hair growth, and with every subsequent DIY job, the pain becomes more tolerable.
There are some fundamental guidelines you must abide by to make the most of DIY waxing technique. For instance, make sure that the epidermis area of your legs is spotlessly clean before attempting a waxing procedure. Steer clear of it when you’re experiencing a period and also don’t moisturize in advance as hydrating the skin might render the entire DIY method ineffectual.

wax your legs at homes

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Go for an exfoliation job at least two days before waxing legs at home and you’d be better off opting for an allergy screening at the same time. Take care to see that the waxing item doesn’t get overheated and always apply the product in the same direction of hair growth. Also, ensure that the coating you apply is thin, as a thick layer might be a tad too taxing to strip off.
To alleviate the burning sensation after a DIY waxing process, smear the skin with aloe Vera cream, Azulene oil or salicylic acid solution. Use an exfoliating cream every 4-5 days to keep your skin prepared for the next waxing job.

How To Wax Your Legs Like A Pro

Just follow the below mentioned recommendations in order to do the job like a hair-removing or waxing pro.

1. Don’t Wait For An Eternity

Advanced wax formulas relieve you from the hassle of having to wait for an indefinite period till your hair grows too long. Modern waxing gels make it easier for you to get rid of unwanted hair that have grown only upto a length of 2-4 millimeters. For how to wax your legs practice to be perfectly effective, the ideal length of hairs on your legs should be 1cm at least.

2. Readying Your Skin

Make it a point to exfoliate your epidermis before you can get started with waxing to avoid causing irritation to the skin while you’re on the job. Exfoliate nothing less than 1-2 days before the actual waxing procedure; evenly apply a good quality exfoliating cream and use a clean scrub or loofah sponge for wiping off dead cells. Thereafter, cleanse the entire area with tepid warm water and dry using a towel.

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3. Choosing The Appropriate Waxing Kit

You can place an online order for a waxing kit comprising a waxing gel, wooden applicator and strips from Amazon. Browse through some recommended kits and opt for the one that offers the max at best prices (should be within the price range of $15-$20), better still read reviews!

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4. Take Time Out For Waxing

Since waxing is an elaborate affair, allocate at least one and a half hours for the activity as rushing through it will spoil the purpose. It follows from this that you should refrain from waxing when you’re tensed, anxious or stressed because you’ve an important exam coming up or have a job-interview to face. Carrying out the job when you’re relaxed will also help in comforting the hair follicles.

How do you wax your legs

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5. Do It Right The First Time And Every Time

You’d do well to remember that the waxed area is quite inflamed post the process and you might have a feeling of soreness. Application of an astringent like Aloe Vera or Azulene Oil will helping in calming or healing the redness and soothe the skin.

Waxing Legs

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7. Holding Onto The Results

Make good use of a quality exfoliating agent to keep the side-effects of your easy waxing at home at bay. Habitual moisturizing and/or exfoliating will prevent ingrowths as well as delay the process of dead-skin accumulation. Moreover, since hair starts reappearing within 5-6 weeks, time your subsequent waxing processes accordingly.

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Ways to Wax Your Legs

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