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Jewelry For Workplace – Learn How To Wear

by Fashionlady
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Jewelry For Workplace
Wearing jewellery to work requires a lot of finesse. You should know how much is too much and be able to keep your look effortlessly elegant. There are a lot of factors to be considered when wearing jewellery to work. For instance, what is the work atmosphere like? Do you have a strict formals-only dress code or is it more relaxed? All this needs to be taken into consideration when picking jewellery for work.

So how do you avoid going overboard with your jewellery? The trick is to show some restraint. Keep in mind that your jewellery should complement you and your outfit and not totally eclipse it. One sure way of getting it right is to opt for pearl jewellery. Pearl looks elegant and classy without being flashy. Check out this pearl and diamond pendant from Bluestone. It would go well with both Indian and western wear and will add an understated elegance to your look.

allana pendant

Source: bluestone.com

Go Minimal

The first rule of wearing jewellery to work: when in doubt, go minimal. If you’re not too sure as to how much is too much then follow the two-piece rule. That is, you can only wear two pieces of jewellery at a time. So it can either be earrings and ring or pendant and bracelet but never altogether. This ensures that you do not end up looking too showy.

If your work wear is mostly made up of monochromatic outfits in greys and blacks, then you can use jewellery to add a pop of colour to break the monotony. This blue Topaz and Amethyst earring from Blusetone is the perfect piece to give a dash of colour to your otherwise muted work look.

svelte sparkle earrings

Source: bluestone.com

Let it match your Personality

You can also pick pieces that reflect your personality in some subtle way. How about a pendant that represents your zodiac sign? It can be quite intriguing, allowing people to draw conclusions about your personality based on your zodiac sign.


scorpius pendant

Source: bluestone.com

Geometric patterns are another excellent choice to wear to work. They are simple, with clean lines and angles that create an interesting piece which leaves a lasting impact. Here is a statement piece from Bluestone that will look great with formal wear.

hexa earrings

Source: bluestone.com

One essential thing to keep in mind while choosing your jewellery is that it should not be a distraction either to yourself or to others. So jewellery that makes clunky noises or gets caught in your hair and clothing is definitely not ideal for the workplace. Look for pieces that are comfortable and hassle-free. Ideally, you should have a set of easy to wear, low-maintenance everyday wear jewellery as your go-to option for work.

The one time you can let loose and wear something a little more risqué is during office parties. But even then, remember that you are still representing your firm/company and so would do well to maintain etiquette. You can wear jewellery that is relatively grander when compared to your everyday pieces, but it should not be abominably flashy. An easy way to make it work is to pick out your outfit and then pick and choose your one or two pieces of jewellery that will go well with it. Anytime you have any lingering doubts about whether it is too much, it probably is. So take off any one piece of jewellery to see if that helps with keeping the overall look classy instead of gaudy.

We women have an eternal fascination with, and undying love for, jewellery. So it is only natural that we will want to express ourselves with jewellery in our workplace as well. When you go up the career ladder, gifting yourself jewellery is a great way of acknowledging your success and hard work. So go ahead and give yourself a treat for every milestone that you have crossed till date. Gifting yourself jewellery is a great way to feel a sense of achievement. But honestly, when have we ever needed a reason to buy jewellery?

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