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7 Important Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know

by Fashionlady
Period Hacks

Period Hacks

Menstruation period for a woman is one of the hardest times to cope with. No matter how many times people say ‘It is natural, and part of the deal about being a woman’, it still doesn’t ease out the process for us. The mood swings have us shifting from one end to another in a fraction of a second and people are left to wonder as to what is wrong.

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So here are a few life-saving period hacks that could help you through this phase and ease the suffering:

1. The main problem arises when we forget your period dates. There are plenty of apps available online that keep a track of your dates, how long it lasted etc. These apps sure come in handy while reminding a day or two in advance that your date is not too far. This way, you can be cautious and be prepared with a sanitary napkin on well before. You are bound to avoid the stains and avoid the stress of remembering dates.

Period Dates Cycle

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2. Red Wine. The key to any locked heart is red wine and anyone who says otherwise Block. (hehe) Getting to the point, Red wine is an actual benefit here helping to ease menstrual cramps. So go ahead and drink a glass of red wine to make the cramps a lot more bearable.

Red Wine

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3. Are you feeling too weak or tired to even walk? Here is a hack that could keep you on your toes – Eat at least 50grams of protein daily. Protein is definitely a boon to the body and figure, but especially during cramps. This protein works as an energy booster to get over the lethargy and head out.

Protein Food

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4. Hydrate Yourself. Drinking as much water as possible is the best possible way to beat any kind of health problem. Dehydration happens in immense amounts as a lot of fluid is being lost from the body for 4 to 5 days continuously.


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5. Are you a coffee addict? Sorry, but this is the phase where your addiction needs to come to rest. An overload of caffeine in the body can cause cramps or might worsen the cramps. So it’s safe to avoid caffeine on a whole while on periods. Substitute all those cups of coffee with water or coconut water in helping yourself hydrate.


6. The one universal cure to pain, any sort of pain is sleep. Same goes here. Sleep as much as you can, whenever and wherever. Sleep can make you forget about your pain for the longest time and give your body the much-needed freedom from the stress and pain.

Young Woman Sleeping

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7. A small recipe which works as magic in easing out the menstrual stress. Take a mixing bowl and add rose oil (2 drops), sage oil (2 drops), lavender oil (2 drops) and almond (1 tablespoon) into it. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl thoroughly and use this mixture to massage your abdominal area. This provides a sort of relaxation. Helps in the long run.

These hacks are life hacks to any woman! Keep these in mind from today, so as to feel a normal routine while on your periods.

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