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Instagram Views: The New Craze That Makes You More Popular Online

by Fashionlady
Instagram Views

Instagram is a social media platform which is all about the visuals, and the rule that each post must include either a photograph or a video reflects this. It’s a fast growing site, and is especially popular with younger people who enjoy the opportunity to communicate with friends, strangers and celebs.

Instagram Views

Having lots of followers is important to many Instagram users, but so is getting likes, comments, and now views on your posts. This makes sense really, after all why else would you post images or videos to the site if you weren’t soliciting feedback?

Racking Up Those Numbers:

The latest Instagram craze is to have the highest possible number of views on both your Instagram stories and videos. This is the mother of all popularity contests, and plenty of people are in it to win it.

While the race to beat the competition may drive some users to push the boundaries with content, and others to up their game in terms of forward thinking strategies and ideas, others prefer to take the easiest route to victory, and either fake or buy the results they want so badly.

Faking It:

It’s not unheard of for companies using Instagram to create a handful of fake profiles which then of course are absolutely all over the real business page. This tactic is a little naive really, as fake profiles or pages of any kind are not terribly difficult to spot. They also run the risk of both getting themselves a reputation as dodgy dealers, or even being booted from the platform completely.

The Mean Spirited Follow:

You could always hire someone to create you a bot which follows people, then once they return the favour it dumps them from your list. A good result if they don’t realise and dump you back in retaliation, however, any subsequent interaction between you and them would risk revealing your deception.

The More Ethical Automated Find And Follow Bot:

This one doesn’t follow then dump, instead it finds people you would actually want to connect with, either for business reasons, or because you share interests or whatever. Of course you have to pay for this, and it isn’t particularly cheap.

The Cheapest Way:

For a short term boost you can buy around a hundred views on Instagram for a pound – and there are plenty of bigger packages available at decent prices too, e.g. you can buy instagram views at Social Media Daily.

Jump to an investment of £15 a month and you can add likes and followers too. If you are in a mad race to trump a friend’s stats this may be worth it, but overall do remember that robot profiles are easy to spot, and fool nobody.

Everyone likes to be liked, so while you are cooking up schemes to boost your Instagram views why not take a few moments to look at other people’s too, just because you can!

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