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What Is Pure CBD Oil? And How Is It Going To Affect Our Society?

by Fashionlady
What Is Pure CBD Oil

CBD oil is the current buzzword, a substance acclaimed by many as a natural wonder, a concoction which can at last bring relief to those living with troublesome conditions ranging from diabetes and anxiety to severe, long term pain. But what exactly is this miracle product? What is it made from? How does it work? Is it safe? And what impact could it have on twenty first century society?

What Is Pure CBD Oil

Source: healthline.com

What exactly is pure CBD oil?

CBD is a cannabinoid (chemical compound) found in the cannabis and hemp plants. There are many different chemicals in these plants, although perhaps the most well known is THC, the element taken from cannabis that makes those who consume it feel ‘high’. CBD does not have that effect; however it does seem to trigger other changes in the brain. In the case of CBD these changes are largely considered to be positive and beneficial as they improve certain health conditions. For more information on this, check out the following site.

How does CBD affect the brain?

In an effort to avoid in-depth scientific explanations it’s fair to say that according to current research CBD alters the way certain receptors in the brain deal with things like pain, depression and inflammation. CBD boosts their role so it’s considered to be a positive influencing effect, and an attractive alternative to lab produced medication.


Is pure CBD oil safe?

In the UK it is licensed for sale to the public as a health supplement, rather than a medicine, although what consumers choose to use it for is up to them. There is still considerable debate amongst the scientific and medical community as to exactly how safe pure full spectrum CBD oil is in terms of official directed treatment for a medical condition. There is a good amount of evidence indicating positive results from clinical trials when CBD oil has been tested on human beings, but concerns about any possible long term side effects, or negative interactions with essential prescription drugs someone must take are serious points which need to be considered.

How is this interest in pure CBD oil going to affect our society?

It already seems to have triggered a new way of thinking about healthcare and responsibility. For example, the rapid growth of interest in pure CBD oil as a, (so far), non-medical treatment producing extremely positive results for those living with epilepsy has been largely driven by parent –power. This in turn reflects the growing interest people have in taking control of their own health. For years doctors have encouraged people to take responsibility for staying healthy – advising them to quit smoking, lose weight, eat less sugar and so on, and perhaps now that is spilling out into self medicating beyond the usual over the counter painkillers and cough medicine scenario.

There’s no doubt that CBD oil is going to continue to rule the health headlines in the foreseeable future, but only time will tell if it will ever be completely embraced as the miracle product some people believe it to be.

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