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Karisma Kapoor’s Vacation Style Gives Us Tips On Must-Haves For Travel

by Fashionlady
Karisma Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor Vacation Style

Vacationing is the first and last thing on our minds from the time we have set our eyes on the instagram updates from our lovely Lolo, Karisma Kapoor.

It is true that travel brings power and love back to your life. We see that joy flickering on her, rejuvenating the diva to the fullest.

Though envious, we picked the best must-haves for travel from Karisma’s holiday pictures. Take a look here-

1. Shorts

Always carry a couple of shorts for comfort. It’s easy to slide into a pair of shorts for a hike, sight-seeing or when riding a bike.

Karisma kapoor Vacation Style

2. Fedora Hat

Spice up the look further with a Fedora hat. It adds flavor and mystery to your style. Tilt it at the brim for the cooler look and remember to pick the right hat to go with the outfit. A straw Fedora would be wonderful on casual tees whereas a felt or wool would be the right pick for a classic style.

Karisma kapoor vacation Fashion

3. Cool Shades

Sunglasses build your character. They add value to your look. Always remember to slip a pair of sunglasses into your handbag before you set off to explore the places.

Karisma kapoor Sunglasses

4. Sling bag

Don’t carry heavy shoulder bags that will wear you off by the end of the day. Just like Karisma Kapoor, carry an appropriately sized sling bag. Make sure it has enough space to accommodate the essentials.

Karisma Vacation Style

5. Footwear

The most important item of the travel kit is comfortable footwear. Sight-seeing would mostly involve walking down the streets, loads of shopping etc. Hence carry loafers, flats, sneakers or boots that are weather-friendly and dependable.


Karisma Kapoor Footwear

6. Jackets

Never underestimate the weather. It’s always advisable to carry a jacket along. If you are wondering which one, then take tips from Karisma.

If you wake up to a cloudy day, wear a sleeveless jacket.

Karisma Kapoor Fashion
Or opt for a waistcoat style jacket.

Images Source: instagram.com

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