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Kneading Massage – The Right Way To Lift Your Skin!

by Fashionlady
What is Kneading

Kneading Massage

The benefits of a massage cannot be undermined. As we all know, our body’s muscles and the blood flow within needs to be kept in good shape, or else, physical lethargy sets in. This is why, once in a while our mothers back then would massage us with ‘sarso ka tel’. The techniques of massages varied from one person to the next. Some mothers would use the whole palm whilst others would have used only the tips of their fingers; and yet we found utmost relaxation. Without doubting the love thrown in while kneading massages were given by mothers, we need to realise the importance of the right way to do kneading massages. One wrong touch can pinch a nerve or dislocate a muscle, which can be very painful or aesthetically can do a lot of harm. This is why, we would like to in layman terms talk about skin lifting and the kneading massage technique.

What Is Kneading Massage All About?

Also known as the petrissage movement or massage, a kneading massage is one that uses a lot of compression on the soft tissues. This means that the focus of such massages would be on the muscle tissue and the skin. They go against or on each other but opposite to the bones or the underlying bones.

The technique is a circular one where the skin and the structures underneath it are gently moved in circular motions with rotation – tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles of the body. In the kneading massage, the tissue of the body would be lifted and rolled away from the bones then brought back to the bones with a compressive squeezing touch.

What Are Kneading Strokes

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The manipulation of the massage is different per therapists’ touch and concept, and the use of the hands or the fingers. It would also depend on which part of the body needs the kneading touch.

This is why it is important for you to know what are kneading strokes in the kneading massage technique. And we shall explain more ahead!

Never do kneading massage when you are in one of these situations-

  • If the body has areas that are inflamed, especially around the abdominal zone;
  • If you have hernia;
  • When pregnant; and
  • If the muscles are strained and scarred.

The act of squeezing and kneading the body tissues and then compressing them, thereby giving them a rhythmically induced release is what the kneading strokes are all about. It can be done with one hand or two hands, and it would all depend on the surface area of the targeted tissue or even the span of the muscle group!

Kneading Massage Benefits

Characteristics and benefits of the massage include, relaxing the body, adding therapeutic touches to the muscles and tissues, giving mild to moderate strokes to release tension from the muscles and lubricating the joints and the tissues.

Kneading Massage Benefits

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Are There Variations?

Yes, there are variations and each of the kneading techniques are unique. This is why, you should only get it done by a trained and a licensed spa aesthetician; no one else. Some of the very famous and popular ways of kneading strokes are massages used extensively across licensed parlours and salons, such as –


  • The basic two-handed kneading;
  • The well-known one-handed kneading;
  • Some use the alternating one-hand kneading;
  • The useful circular two-handed petrissage;
  • The very soothing alternating fingers-to-thumb petrissage; or
  • Skin rolling and skin compression techniques.
Kneading Technique

Source: kneadingwellness.com

Pro tip: If by watching online videos and tutorials on kneading massage, you think it would be easier to administer them on yourself or someone else; please remember, there could be risks associated with the same. The pertissage relaxation is an amazing one which we want you to try out, but not without the touch of a professional. A professional knows the parts of the body on the tips of their fingers, which is why the touch they provide gives ultimate relaxation and therapeutic inducement – more than what an amateur would provide. Please look for a certified salon or a professional masseuse for the same and enjoy the kneading massage benefits as well.

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