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Know All About Lip Reduction Without Surgery

by Fashionlady
Lips Reduction Without Surgery

Lip Reduction Without Surgery

We know, we know, all of us lust for fuller and bigger looking lips. But there is also a downside, especially for those who have way bigger lips than many of us. They don’t really like their bigger lips. So what do they do? Most of you would say that the most common option would be to go for a lip surgery. But many of these women are not that keen on surgery because of the fear of going under the knife and also because of the many complications that may arise during surgery. Well good for you because surgery can actually be dangerous and many a time if your surgeon is not good enough you might end up suffering even more. In this article we will give you tips to reduce lip size. At the end of the day you will know some of the ways by which you can have a lip reduction without surgery.

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Lip Reduction Tips

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Lip Reduction Tips

We will talk about exercise, makeup tricks and some daily changes which can help you get lip reduction without surgery. So, let’s get started with the lip reduction tips:

Going The Makeup Way

Using makeup is one of the best ways to reduce lip size. It’s easy, affordable and you don’t even have to use any kind of surgery!

Here is how to prep for makeup that will help to camouflage fuller lips.

  • Buy a concealer which is the truest match to your skin. If you are not that sure about the colour, buy two or three concealers which you think match your skin tone.
  • Buy a few brushes so that you can blend your concealer well.
  • Use a sponge applicator (this will help you blend in the concealer even better)
  • Dark lipsticks of a shade of your choice

Here Is How To Reduce The Lip Size

  • Take concealer which bets matches your skin and conceal the top and bottom edge of your lips. Use it in a way which would not make your lips look too thin or pursed.
  • Use the sponge applicator to blend in the concealer all around your lips. Use dabbing motion for this so that the concealer settles in better.
  • Blend it well so that there are no rough edges of the concealer
  • Now take the chosen dark lipstick and apply as you would to your lips, but make sure that this time you don’t colour the edges. Remember, you have concealed parts of your lips!
How To Reduce The Lip Size

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Another way you can make your lips look smaller is by highlighting other parts of your face-namely your eyes or your eyebrows and your cheeks. Since you don’t want to draw attention to your lips, utilize makeup to make your lips look dramatic or use blush to highlight your cheeks.


Taking Care Of Your Lips

Swollen lips are also results of badly chapped and untreated lips. Take care of your lips to ensure that they remain healthy and supple. Moisturize your lips regularly with good and branded lip balms and during cold weather pay extra attention to them.

Exfoliate your lips regularly and keep them perked up by using good lip balms.

Taking Care Of Your Lips

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Last but not the least, while taking care of your lips, make sure you remove the upper lip’s hair. Hair is also a primary reason why your lips might appear larger than they are.

ways to reduce lip size

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How To Reduce Lip Size Exercise:

Lip size can also be reduced with the help of specific exercises. There is one particular exercise that can help to make your lips smaller. For this, put your index finger in your mouth and move all 10 times. Repeat for 5 times. Do the exercises in alternative days.

How To Reduce Lip Size Exercise

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So here are our tips to make your lips look smaller without the need of going under the knife!

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