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Simple Ways To Wear Ear Cuffs To Grab The Attention

by Fashionlady
How to wear ear cuffs for women

How to wear ear cuffs

Every fashion trend has its highs and lows, hits and misses. But, it is not the same for ear cuffs. Some of the red carpet’s most elite and eligible ladies have embraced this new accessory trend.

Go centuries back and the ear cuff was called “Kaffa”. It was designed for the outside part of the ear as an embellishing element, and didn’t require women to have pierced ears.

In the 50’s and 60’s, celebrities like Marilyn Monroe were spotted wearing ear cuffs.

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Ear cuffs without piercing

Nowadays, various kinds of the ear cuffs have cropped up in keeping with today’s fashion. Tribal looking pieces are gaining popularity, but we can do up our ears with very elegant or extravagant ornaments.

Knowing how to wear ear cuffs is no rocket science. It’s a fancy way of showing how you can look chic and sophisticated. The best part in how to wear ear cuffs is to wear ear cuffs without piercing, which saves you the pain and the hassle. All you need to know are the ear cuff instructions and you are good to go.

Ear cuff instructions
So sit pretty as I take you through the fashion gallery of styles in ear cuffs and how to wear ear cuffs. You must know how to incorporate this glam trend of ear cuffs into your every day and party look.

How to wear ear cuffs for girl

Understanding Ear Cuffs Trend

They might not be the new thing in the jewelry box, but they’ve made a comeback of late. Ear cuffs are the latest bling and they are surely going to turn heads when you sport them.

An ear cuff might give you the illusion of multiple piercings. This doesn’t mean you need to go under the needle, a singular ear piercing is enough. And, yes there are clip-ons for the faint-hearted too.

Ear Cuffs Trend

Side Swept Hair

When you are wearing your hair to one side, it not only looks uber cool and sexy, it gives you the advantage of flaunting your ear cuff. Take a look at how Sandra Bullock has added a few curls, while Miranda Kerr has sported a straight hair style so to as cut out a subtle and stylish look while wearing ear cuffs.

Ear Cuffs Trend for girls

Bun I Do! Bun I Do!

Bun is a hairstyle that not only suits traditional Indian attire like sarees, it can very well look opt in western wear when teamed up with ear cuffs. All you need to do is pull your hair up and let your ear cuff be the centre of attention. It’s a case of romantic-bun-and-cuff-combo.

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Ear Cuffs Trend with Bun I Do

This Mezi collection which I am talking about features the Navy Crystal Fan Earcuff and Emerald Crystal Fan Earcuff. Hard-to-find colours, they are perfect for evening wear. Wear it with your evening gown or with a bright red pants suit and a pair of sexy heels and he will surely want to whisper something in your ear.

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Full Ear Cuff for women

New Trends In Wearing Ear Cuff

Did you know that you can just wear ear cuff in one ear? Don’t think it will make you look strange and ugly. Rather, it will end up embellishing your appearance.

Ear Cuff for women

Secondly, if you want to look unique and pretty, it is pointless wearing one ear cuff in your ear. Try wearing trendy stud earrings or for that matter other embellishments so as to shine through. In doing so, your personality will look different and more attractive.


Ear Cuff for girls

Thirdly, if you wanna match your hairstyle perfectly, choose an ear cuff style that can further decorate your hairstyle as well. In this case, your hairstyle won’t be dull and drab.

Ear Cuff for lady

Having seen the ways to wear ear cuffs, you need not go to a jewelry merchant to buy this new definition of earrings. You can always buy ear cuffs through online shopping.

I hope you have got the ways to wear ear cuff. Now it is time for me to hear you out. Drop in a line and tell me what you think of the ear cuff trend. Dare to wear this statement jewelry? Yes? No?

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