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Know Your Corporate Wardrobe Essentials

by Fashionlady
Corporate Wardrobe Essentials

Corporate Wardrobe EssentialsWhile the world is talking about evolving trends in corporate fashion, in this edition, we’ve tried to focus on the basic tips to help you upgrade your corporate wardrobe, believing that it is the dynamic first-hand style, which has led to fashion revolution of sorts. We’ve connected through various fashion experts to enunciate on the corporate fashion, which sets to rule every fashionista’s wardrobe this year!

Gone are the days, when corporate fashion was all about typical suits and safe patterns. Moreover, the corporate look has become more trendy plus edgy. While men are now showing up at workplace in slim fits, women have now come out of their traditional style of dressing like men so as to appear professional. Instead, they are comfortable in choosing feminine silhouettes.

Corporate Wardrobe Essentials for Working Ladies

A tailor-made black trouser, a little formal dress (LBD), neutral skirt or pants paired with neon skirt with pleat detailing, a white blouse with minimal detailing on the neckline and of course a bright shaded linen jacket are must for your wardrobe.

Professional Dress for Women

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Go Neon

Neon is very much in this year, with almost all international fashion runways exhibiting collections more or less in neon, especially when it comes to corporate fashion. Hence, there is no reason why  they should shy away from this color at workplace. You can stylishly balance neon with anything in black or grey for the lower half.

You can dramatize your look, by picking up some quirky accessories such as handbag, belt or your iPad/iPhone case.

fluo accessories for Corporate look

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Focus on the fitting

Never has been the fashion world been so much obsessed on fits than these days! No matter whatever style you pick, just make sure the fit is classy, accurate and not to mention comfortable.

Wake-up Call

Since you are spending most of your day at workplace, so you should be highly serious towards your dressing sense. Keep it stylish in ultra-comfy way, so as to confidently carry yourself.

One trend that we’re craving to see on Indian corporate fashion runway is slim-fitted suits with a canvas blucher and semi-casual shoes. This get-up just speaks aloud modern day fashion yet with a creative touch.

Corporate Wardrobe Essentials

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Some hot tips for power dressing

A classic white shirt paired with a black pencil skirt can never go wrong when it comes to corporate fashion. We’ve tried to bring out some creative look through the tried and tested methods, by smartly doing some small twists. Just have a look!

9 to 5 Slot

Be it a creative head position in an ad agency or banking or software job, this kind of classy combination surely enables you crack all your interviews and client-meetings with a trendy edge.

White shirt black skirt for Corporate Wardrobe Essentials

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Corporate Evenings

When you’re struck up at work with no time to style yourself, just jazz up your look with some great accessories like this.


Corporate Evenings outfits

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Dinner Date Floral outfit

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You can carry the same outfit to boardroom meeting but with a bit of twist

A boardroom meeting means you need to be at your professional best. So, what better way to define your corporate style than this?

Floral for the Office

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For Business Meal

While formal outfits rule your working hours, a formal lunch with your boss and team should be equally appealing. You can create your fashion quotient to match the ambience.

Corporate Wardrobe Essentials for Business Meal

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You can even go for pastels with black as it renders a very clean and polished look. The green cosmetics really gives a dramatic hype, taking you to a high fashion level. Work this look with nude lips to really make the teal color pop up.

How to Dress Professionally

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The clothes you wear at office at more than merely style elements; they enable you to spell your fashion statement and convey a strong fashionable professional image. Your corporate look should not just end on a serious note, instead it should be fun and interesting.

Colored bottoms are trousers are a strong fashion statement this season. You can mix and match colored tones with neutral and dark shades to get your corporate right. Do not forget to invest in scarves. They are always a great savior and can effortlessly jazz up any outfit, giving an edgy feel.

While slim-fit trousers continue to rule the trend, wide-legged pants and flared bottoms also work wonders.

Best Fashion dress For Professional Women

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Be a fashionista and show off your creative side by knowing your corporate wardrobe essentials.

Hope this helps!

Happy Shopping!!

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