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Lady Gaga’s Phenomenal Outfits And Performance At Victoria Secret Fashion Show

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Lady Gaga Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Lady Gaga Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Lady Gaga has always been quite the performer and knows how to keep a crowd gripped. Her family-like Victoria Secret Angels have always been more than pleased to have her over and lighten up their already world-craze fashion show. This year’s Victoria Show not only applauded her sensational performance but also her jaw dropping appearance.

From sold out concerts to dive bars to leaving the audience bereft of speech at fashion shows, there’s never a dull moment with this lady. The highlight of this year being her constant costume changes, and dazzling like a true angel in every single one.

Backstage in the silver bra set, a signature set of the Angels.

2016 Victoria Secret Fashion Show
Her red carpet (rather pink) look was replete in an Alaïa lace dress with the hair put all back giving a formal look.

Lady |Gagas Outfits at Victorias Secret
She stormed the stage with one outfit styled in three different ways. She’s worth the hype!


In a sequin jumpsuit, she stormed the stage with poise and grace; of course had her fans championing what a talented vocalist she is. So the first of her styles is teaming a black equally sequined jacket on the jumpsuit.

Lady Gagas VS Show 2016
Going sleeveless with her bare shimmer sequined jumpsuit was her Style Number Two. Her one performance, giving us tips and styles as good as any fashion blog.

Lady Gaga Victorias Secret Fashion
Coming to her last, she paired the jumpsuit with a soft white coat with feathers sprouting out. What really changed the fashion game here is, those feathers turn into full-swing wings, Oh my god! We didn’t see that coming, Gaga! Just another accolade to this inspiring lady.

Lady Gagas Victoria Secret

Another song sung by her in this reddish black gown, was it her voice or her dress? Bonus points.

Lady Gaga VS Show 2016

She concluded the show along with the angels feeling like a diva. In an Alaïa sheer lace crop top – pants set, she is worth every praise looking edgy and no less than any angel present there.

Lady Gaga 2016 Victorias Secret Fashion Show
Stay tuned on the latest trends, celebrity gossip and what all you ladies would love!

Images Source: hairandbeautybc.com

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