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Laundry Tips To Your Advantage: Avoid Tossing These Clothing Items In The Dryer

by Fashionlady
Laundry Tips And Tricks

Laundry Tips

Did your favorite cardigan just shrink to your Barbie’s size? Or did you just lose your favourite lingerie item to the ravages of the washing machine. Many a time all of us are blissfully unaware of laundry tips and we ignore even the most basic rules while doing our laundry. There are certain laundry tips and tricks that this article will tell you.

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Laundry Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips for washing clothes and we are sure your clothes will always look as good as new!

The ‘Don’t Lose Your Socks’ Tip

Isn’t that the most dreaded nightmare while doing your laundry? You just put in your favourite pair of socks and the other pair just disappeared into oblivion, leaving the other one useless. For those of us who suffer through this time and again, one of the best tips for weashing clothes would be to buy mesh bags. Mesh bags will go into your washing machine just like any other cloth, but they will ensure that all your socks remain at the same place.

How To Prevent Clothes From Shrinking In Dryer

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Make Those Towels Look Good Again

Those towels are your lifeline after a bath and you need them every time you take a shower. So they should look good and if you want to know how to prevent clothes from shrinking in dryer, skip the detergent and wash them with vinegar and baking soda instead. Not only will they get a new lease at life, but they will also become much softer!

Washing Tips For White Clothes

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Keep Your Jeans From Fading

Do you want to keep your jeans dark? Over time, most denims tend to lose their colour and sheen. While some of you may love the distressed look, it might be better to keep some of your dark clothes dark. So next time you rinse your dark denims, rinse them with coffee or tea. Alternatively, you can also add a teaspoon of salt.

Ways To Prevent Clothes From Shrinking In Dryer

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Do Not Toss Cashmere In The Dryer

Your cashmere clothes are really delicate and one wash in the dryer can wreak havoc in all the fibres. Next time your cashmere sweater looks a little shoddy, hand wash it. Dry-cleaning or machine cleaning it regularly damage the fibres and cause breakage. Use some lukewarm water and a mild detergent to give them a gentle wash.

Tips For Washing White Clothes

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Unshrink Your Favorites By Using Baby Shampoo

Lukewarm water and baby shampoo work wonders on clothes which have shrunk from their usual size. Soak the clothes in warm water and baby shampoo for around two hours and let the shampoo work its magic. They will relax the fibres and next time you dry them, they will come back to their original size.


Washing Clothes Tips

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Clothes Smelling Weird- Well, Baking Soda Can Help!

Sweaty clothes or gym clothes and socks may leave a very harrowing stench and if you want to get rid of this odour, simply use half a teaspoon of baking soda in 3.8 litres of water and soak them for about 2 hours. Then machine wash the same clothes by adding vinegar. Your clothes will start smelling as good as new!

Tips For Washing Clothes

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Skip The Dryer When Washing Spandex

Spandex clothes and camisoles are made of gentle fibres which the dryer can promptly destroy. For clothes like these, you should preferably hand-wash them with a mild detergent and then dry them naturally in the sun. Your undergarments and camisoles will last much longer with these laundry tips.

So here are our laundry tips to keep your clothes fresh and help them last longer.

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