Learn How To Take Care Of Your Feet In Monsoon


How To Take Ccare Of Feet In Monsoon

So finally, the wait is over. With the first splash of heavy rain coming down from the skies, masti to banti hai. Yes, yes, I mean a cup of chai, garma garam samosas or momos, and fancy looking umbrellas.

It’s all right to be on cloud nine with the monsoon madness, but when you look down at your muddy and soiled feet, half the excitement might go out of the window. Top it all, things like fungal infections, smelly feet and allergies, make our feet go through hell during the rainy season. Question is do you know how to take care of feet in monsoon?

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Best Monsoon Feet Care Tips

Next time you go out in the rainy weather, go prepared with these tips on monsoon foot care that I share with you. It will double your excitement, not make you lose heart. Happy Reading best monsoon feet care tips!

1. First things first when we are talking about how to take care of feet in monsoon, you have to keep your feet dirt free, as wetness increases the possibility of infection. See to it that you wash your feet when you come back home with a liquid soap. This will give you the cleanliness and hygiene. Follow it up by drying your feet completely and moisturising them.

Simple Monsoon Foot Care Tips
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2. Pay attention to heels this time (not for the height and tallness factor but from the monsoon foot care angle. Since this is a sensitive zone which gets affected most, it makes sense to keep this area clean. Use a foot scrubber or pumice stone in order to clean the heels. This would help in removing the dead skin cells and keep the foot area hygienic.

Monsoon Foot Care
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Use an antifungal powder in the heels, and in between the toes. This will give you the required dryness. But try and avoid applying creams in between the toes as it can lead to dampness and fungal infections too.

3. It’s alright to sport long finger nails. But when you have long toe nails especially during rainy season, you are inviting dirt accumulation and grime which can turn problematic for you. Stick to keeping toenails.

Rainy Season Feet Care Tips
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4. Wear open footwear in monsoon season. This way water will not get clogged within. Waterproof footwear is the best as far as Rainy season feet care tips go.

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Monsoon Foot Care Ttips
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Also make it a point that footwear are dry, not wet or soiled. Or else it will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Keep a provision for spare footwear when you go to office on rainy days, so that you can wear the alternative and dry pair of shoes.


5. Avoid going to the spa during rainy season. This is the time that fuels growth of bacteria so maintaining hygiene becomes difficult.

6. Although there are various kinds of pedicures available, do not go for fish pedicures particularly during monsoons as it involves contact with water for long period of time, and chances are that the water won’t stay disinfected for long.

Ways To Take Care Of Feet In Monsoon
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7. The best way to treat fungal infections of the feet is through topical medications or oral antibiotics. Use natural disinfectants such as soda and vinegar in a tub containing warm water in order to kill bacteria. At times, baking powder is a good way of keeping smelly feet away.

8. You can also count on the beauty market which is flooded with foot care products to keep your feet clean and safe during monsoons. From foot bath salts, cooling foot spray, foot cream, foot massage cream, heel cream, paraffin foot mask, foot scrub, monsoon foot care looks surely appealing.

Foot Care For Monsoon Season
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Hope you found the tips shared on how to take care of feet in Monsoon useful. Send us your comments and replies and let us know if there any more of simple Monsoon foot care tips that can be benefited from.


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