Rocking The Boring Salwar Kameez With Chic Salwar Kameez Fashion Accessories


Fashion Accessories

We have written about fashion accessories many a times, and most have been for Indian wear, indo western and ethnic wear. In the posts on Fashion accessories, we have spoken about the latest trends, the must-have’s and how to wear them. However today, we shall take a twist from it all by telling you the various types of salwar kameezes and what jewelry pieces according to us would best suit the ensemble.

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Gorgeous Salwar Kameez Accessories And How To Accessorize Them All

We don’t want you to look boring in any salwar kameez which is why here are a couple of Fashion accessories, which would oomph up the haute statement. Read on!

1. For The Basic Salwar

If you are wearing a basic salwar, which has frills in the mid section at the front or the center of the front, with a narrow bottom, you have to create a balanced look on top. Keeping in mind the neckline style, we would look at a choker or a low neck pendant for styling up. Glass bangles for the wrists and a chic pair of dangling earrings, to complete the look!

Salwar Kameez Accessories

2. With The Patiala Salwar

Patiala salwars have pleats that begin from the start of the waist and folds behind the area on the legs, which looks quite bulky and heavy to wear. With such salwar kameezes, one would want to look all ethnic, which is why the neck should have a thick piece of adornment with jhumkas for the ears and for the hair, we would look at embellishing the braids with flowers.

How To Accessorize

3. The Afghan Salwar

Quite popular amongst PYTs these days, it is the width of the cuff of this salwar type that is narrow, much more than what a normal salwar would have. To make the cuffs look balanced, we would look at wearing chunky bangles for the hands which accentuate the look, payals for the feet and a passa or a maangtikka for the head.

How To Accessorize Salwar Kameez

4. For The Sharara Salwar

With wide legged pants to its name doubling up as full-length skirts, the super comfy sharara salwar is best suited for women with lean and slim bodies. Thus what needs to be done here in terms of accessorizing is the bestowment of heavy jewelry on the neck and the arms, the ears and the feet.

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Bengali bangle design

5. Trouser Salwars

Working women would play with variations wearing the trouser salwar, which helps create a regal and a very elegant look. When worn with a long kameez till the ankles, the look can be balanced with thin chains for the neck, plain and simple wristlets in silver, gold or rose gold and optionally, a pair of dangling earrings if not studs for the ears.

Pearl jewelry

6. With a Parallel Salwar

Some of them come in plain designs whilst others have embroidery over them all, and they do create a sleek long look too. You can wear them with palazzos or short kurtis and also experiment to garner various looks as well. Balance the look with chunky neckpieces and earrings, with the right head accessories for company.



Must Have Accessories

1. Irrespective of which salwar type you plan to wear today, you cannot do without the right pair of earrings. If the salwar has plenty of work done on it, a pair of studs can go very well with the look. If the salwar has been bestowed with patterns and prints, opt for jhumkas or chaandbaalis.

Jhumkas and Chandbalis

2. You also should have a couple of trendy and chunky neckpieces and bracelets around. They bring about a very sophisticated look and keeps subtlety in check too. Choose pieces in silver, copper, gold and rose gold, which help compliment the outfit and not overshadowing the same. The lighter the better if you are wearing them for work or for very formal do’s. However, for weddings etc, you can wear them heavy.


3. Anklets are chic to wear as well, and they add glam sham to the salwar too. However, only wear them if your salwar bottoms are lean and narrow, so that the chunky piece gets a little exposure of its own and admiration too.

Silver anklets

Now that you know how to accessorize salwar kameezes, go ahead and try them all!


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