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Led Light Therapy For Acne And Beautiful Skin!

by Fashionlady
what is a led light facial

Led Light Therapy For Acne

Tired of consistent skin problems and inflammation of skin? No matter what face packs you apply or whatever beauty creams you put on the irritation just won’t go away. Maybe your skin is too prone too skin issues such as redness, inflammation or acne, and you need something more effective to eradicate all the trouble once and for all.

Well, we’ve got the solution for you! LED light facial treatment! It’s efficient and gives promising results. But for those who aren’t familiar with the term, exactly what is a LED light facial treatment?

This is a regiment that will assist in reducing and clearing up the acne from your skin. Along with this it will further alleviate the redness and rashes. The technology it uses is that of a Light Emitting Diode (LED), which augments the speed of skin cell renewal. And in turn skin looks as if has naturally become smooth and firm. What’s more is that with each treatment the quality of skin revamps.

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What Is a Led Light Facial? How It Works?

LED Light Facials use particular wavelengths of red spectrum light energy to trigger skin at the cellular level. What happens is that these high energy beams infiltrate in to the skin and galvanize internal processes. Thus at a cellular level in the skin, convoluted strings of various biochemical and physiological reactions are undergone. The final result is enhanced circulation and the generation of new collagen.

This means polished and wrinkle free skin!

LED Light Facials

Source: handcraftbodycare.com

LED Light Facial Benefits

  1. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Enhances circulation through the development of new capillaries
  3. Detoxifies the skin with its lymphatic drainage mechanism
  4. Lessened appearance of age spots
  5. Enlarged moisture retention capacity
  6. Elevated collagen production for chubby and younger looking skin
  7. Enhances oxygen and restoration of skin’s natural cellular activity, thus sustaining renewed and fresh skin.

So now the only question that is probably circling your mind – Is this procedure Safe?

Well, you’ll be relieved to know that LED lights have been extensively used by NASA. Why? To cure the astronauts in space.

The use of LED in this treatment has been widely studied upon and isn’t hazardous as it doesn’t have any UV rays.

led light facial benefits

Source: peninsula.com

Led Light Therapy Facial At Home

Yes, you can undergo this treatment at home! At home you can administer this light therapy to help assuage the rashes and blemishes on your skin. This treatment can be executed twice a day and it needs either blue light or maybe blue and red light.

The blue light targets the oil glands in your skin and it assists in exciting the porphyrins (compounds within bacteria of acne). On reaching excited state these porphyrins it wipes out the bacteria from the inside. What the red light does is that it pierces the skin and decreases inflammation.


At home you can try out tabletop light treatment apparatus which gives up to 15 minutes of therapy, but this requires sitting close to the device. You can also use handheld devices. In this you need to hold the apparatus straight on to your face. This demands nearly an hour of treatment time, that too twice per day.

led light therapy facial at home

Source: essenceofl.com

Ensure that you are wearing goggles with either type of treatment method since blue light has potential to abuse the retina.

So these were the ways in which you can have led light therapy for acne either professionally or even at home! If you’re trying this at home the therapy should be done for 5 days each week. But this depends on person to person.

So go on try it out. If you feel the need to undergo this therapy then consult with your dermatologist and discuss the procedure. For nearly 40 years this intense red LED light treatment has brought about therapeutic benefit to living tissues, and it should wonders for you too!

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