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5 Makeup Products Every Scorpio Girl Must Have In Her Vanity!

by Fashionlady
Makeup Products

Makeup products for Scorpio Girl

Sometime around last week the month of Scorpio started and every since, the atmosphere has shifted a bit. Word on the street is that Scorpios are the most passionate people to have been born. In the entire zodiac kingdom, Scorpio girls are the only girls who are full of energy, fiery and super lively. They are like this oozing ball of spitfire and they aren’t afraid to show their true traits. And not to forget, they are very particular about how they do things in life.

So we thought, why not give these Scorpio’s a small list of products that they just NEED in their vanity, because, lets face it – who doesn’t like makeup? And specially Scorpios who are full of drama and theatrics!

So without any further ado, let us show you girls, what Scorpios absolutely need in their makeup bag!

1. Contour Kit

A well defined face and a well chiseled jawline is a must when it comes to Scorpio faces. They need to be on top of their game always and what better way to look like an absolute boss lady?

Famous Makeup Products

2. Highlighter

Every Scorpio’s face needs a shining dewy finish. What better way than to use a highlighter or strobe cream?

Scorpio Girl Makeup Products

Source: nuccia.ca

3. Red Lipstick

Her vanity bag is incomplete without an assortment of red lipsticks. So Ruby Woo has to be in her bag!


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Source: beautywithneelam.com

4. Blushes

A Scorpio is a very affectionate woman and she blushes a lot. She’s just a very happy person. So a little blush is a prerequisite to add to her charm.

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Source: blogspot.com

5. Nail Polishes!

Nothing says beauty and class like nail polishes, and Scorpio woman loves her toes painted. All. The. Time!

Makeup Products Every Scorpio Girl

Source: spoiledpretty.com

So in case you want to gift your Scorpio girlfriend something, you can gift her anything or everything from the above list!

Hope this helps!

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