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Top Tips To Store Beauty Products Innovatively And Efficiently

by Fashionlady
Store Beauty Products

Getting ready in the morning is difficult. No, it is easy when you are able to find all that you need at an arm’s length. That is the perfect way to store beauty products. Having makeup storage reduces the clutter and minimizes the time wasted struggling to find your makeup tools- from eyeshadow to eyeliner, a foundation to your fav lipstick especially when you are in a hurry. Want to know how some super simple and creative ways to store makeup? Go ahead and read this post.

Store Beauty Products

Top 16 Ways To Store Beauty Products:

So, it is time to say goodbye to your messy makeup drawer because you can opt for a smart and sleek makeup storage organizer. Here are some ideas you need to check out.

1. Opt For Clear Acrylic Drawers:

Putting all the cosmetics in one space can lead to confusion. The benefit of having clear acrylic drawers is that it gets you a good view of all the makeup products at one go without having to dig through separate drawers/shelves.

Makeup Storage Organizer

Source: bigspoon.my

2. Use A Divider To Organize Better:

There is no divide- and-rule here but DIVIDE-AND-ORGANIZE. The purpose of drawer dividers is that it makes your makeup drawers look instantly organized. When you sort cosmetic items into separate compartments (lipsticks with lipsticks, bindi with bindi) you instantly get to know which cosmetic product is lying where. It also tells you which beauty essential to pick during your next trip to the mall. That is why it is an efficient way to learn how to store beauty products.

Ways To Store Makeup

Source: eastonspromise.com

3. Get Creative With A Stick-On Board:

Most of you would be having a pin-up board in your workstation, which helps you put up post-its to remind you of meetings and appointments. Now get yourself a BEAUTY BOARD.

To get one, you just have to drape a metal sheet in fabric, frame it, and then hang it on your wall. On your cosmetic products, glue magnets and then stick them to the beauty board. When placed right, all the beauty products will stay fixed on the board. The next time you are getting ready to head to work or for a party, you just have to take the cosmetic item from the board, use it, and stick it back.

To make it simpler – stick velcro dots to your beauty board wall and on the backs of your cosmetic products. In short, get creative and master the art of how to store beauty products in fun ways.

If you are wondering how to store makeup brushes, you can definitely give the above hack a try.

Magnetic Makeup Organizer

Source: etsy.com

4. Use A Box Of Colors:

Yeah, you read it right!

However, fret not. Am not asking you to put your nail polishes etc, in a Bata or Hush Puppies shoebox. Just wrap an empty shoebox in a fancy and pretty art paper and fill it up with your favorite nail enamels or face scrubs/lotions.

One more tip – paint the top of each bottle cap with the same color that is inside the bottle. This will speed up your search for the nail shade you desire.

How To Store Beauty Products

Source: lilaccola.com

5. Add A Vase To Your Dresser:

A makeup brush is almost like a magic wand for girls on this planet. But keeping them organized seems a Herculean task to some. Just fill a small vase with few colored marbles and plant the brushes inside. It is one of the most interesting and colorful hacks to store makeup brushes.

How To Store Makeup Brushes

Source: ipinnedit.wordpress.com

Suitcase Makeup Storage-organizer

Source: pineglen.info

8. Optimize Space With Acrylic Holders:

Do not let an inch in the makeup cabinet go waste. You need to make better use of the space you have. When you stick acrylic holders to the insides of your cabinet doors for extra makeup storage, you are being sensible.

Acrylic Holders Makeup Storage

Source: podsstore.com

9. Go For Hanging Makeup Bags:

Heard of hanging makeup bags? They give you clutter-free storage. Unroll it when you need it and roll it back when you are finished doing your makeup.

Hanging Makeup Bags

Source: glamdiaries.com

10. Try A Straw Dispenser For Dust-Free Storage:

Dusty makeup brushes can be such a dampener. They kill our instincts to look good and beautiful. Store your makeup brushes in a straw dispenser. This will help keep them clean and handy.

Straw Dispenser Makeup Brushes Storage

Source: twinspiration.co

11. Re-use Old Jars:

Recycling old jars is also one of the ways to store makeup. For that, you just need to use pretty jars or empty candleholders so that you can keep your brushes or mascaras in one place.

Jars Makeup Organizer

Source: victorias-vintage.co.uk

12. Use A Makeup Tray:

We often have fancy perfume bottles and luxe skincare products that we would love to display on our dresser.


Use a tray to display your best makeup items.

Makeup Tray

Source: grittypretty.com

13. Convert A Spice Rack Into A Makeup Rack:

Keep your salt and pepper containers off the spice rack. Because it is the new space rack for your perfume bottles. The presentation matters, and in the modern times, you need to think out of the box to do space management in an innovative way.

Perfume Bottles Rack

Source: bellashoot.com

14. Get Innovative With A Cake Stand:

There is another innovative use of a cake stand. It can always double up as a rack for displaying your pretty fragrances. That’s a cool hack we shared about how to store beauty products.

Fragrances on Cake Stand

Source: peekandponder.com

15. Don’t Discard The Case Of Old Sunglasses:

Got an Xtra slim sunglasses case? Not for your sunshades silly, but for your makeup brushes. Keep the brushes there so that you won’t lose them.

Sunglasses Case for Makeup Brushes

Source: cosmopolitan.com

16. Reuse An Old Pencil Box:

A pencil box is not just to store pencils and crayons. You can store mascaras and brushes too in an old pencil case. Isn’t it an out of the box idea?

Ideas For Storing Beauty Products

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

So how did you find the above ideas for storing beauty and makeup products? Do you use any of these hacks? Do share your tips for storing makeup in the comment box below.

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