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Manisha Koirala Makes 50 Look Like Just A Number

by Fashionlady
Manisha Koiralas

Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala, an actress of sufficient experience has had a roller coaster in reaching where she is today. In her 50’s, she’s back with another movie and makes age seem like just a number with her trendy attires and beautiful face.

Having fought cancer recently, she’s back with a bang proving what a strong woman can do. She’s been seen a little too often of late, thanks to her movie promotions. Her fans are so happy to see her back on social media looking gorgeous as ever!

The Staple Fashion

A woman in her 50s. Can you believe it? Definitely not, after seeing her in this trendy outfit. She paired a Calvin Klein white shirt with Zara distressed jeans, showing the world what a timeless beauty she is. The outfit was paired with a Gucci handbag and Vanilla Moon shoes making for a perfect picture.

Manisha Koirala Fashion

Suited Up

White is the colour of elegance and it gets even better when an exquisite beauty is donned in it. Here is Manisha nailing the formal look with an Armani suit and jewellery from the Minerali store. Her shoes from Steve Madden and handbag from Louis Vuitton take the outfit to a different level of classy. She rounded off the white look with black sunglasses from Miu Miu.

Manisha Koirala Style


Casual Candy

Every look is carried off with such ease By Manisha Koirala. From formal to casual to red carpet, Manisha is nailing it. Here she is, in an easy breezy look, with a jacket from TommyXGigi teamed with jeans from Zara and a shirt from Cotton World. She finished the look with hair let loose and casual, flying all around and sneakers from Vanilla Moon.

Manisha Koirala Red Carpet

Take some inspiration from Manisha and make your 50’s look better than you think! Let us know in the comments below which look of hers suits the 50’s age group the best!

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