Matrix Leather Jacket Trend 2018


Remember the last time you felt Neo from Matrix was fashionable – was ages ago. But you are in for a shock as at the recent New York Fashion Week 2018, Matrix leather jackets made a big comeback – they were everywhere and were garnering a lot of praises too.

Matrix Leather Jackets

So the trend is here to stay and if you are one of those fashion enthusiasts who love to be on top of the fashion game, this is something you should definitely think of having in your wardrobe this year.

List Of Celebs Who Have Endorsed The Matrix Leather Jacket Trend:

Even the fashion moguls did not predict that a movie from 1999 could actually inspire so many ace designers like Alexander Wang, Dion Lee, and Philipp Plein in 2018. If you are keen to ace this trend, we suggest you go through this article at once!

1. Alexander Wang Reinvented The Matrix Trend:

Even before this trend was sweeping runways in 2018, Balmain and Vetements took inspiration from the movie in 2017. Both the designers used skinny sunglasses and long leather trench coats in their shows. In fact, even the label Alexander McQueen showcased all-leather looks on the runway in 2017.

Cut to 2018, and Alexander Wang made the leather jacket the hottest autumn/winter 18 fashion week trend by adding the working girl twist to it. The all-black ensemble looked chic and is probably the best possible look to beat the cold in style.

Autumn winter 18 fashion week trend

A lot of effort went into creating the Matrix trend, however, Kim Barrett, the film’s costume designer hadn’t anticipated that it would catch the fancy of the biggest names in the fashion industry. She is pretty surprised that her designs are coming back in fashion with a bang, after almost 20 years!

2. Bella Hadid Drew Inspiration From The Matrix Jacket Trend:

One of the most important accessories that made the Matrix trend stand out were the skinny sunglasses. The black leather jacket and the skinny sunglasses make the perfect match. And when it comes to being the most up to date in fashion, you can trust the Hadid sisters to be the trailblazers.

Bella Hadid

For her Matrix-inspired look, Bella rocked the skinny sunglasses, a black crop top, with a black Matrix leather jacket, and leather pants. The all-black ensemble looked extremely futuristic. She opted for tie-up stilettos to complete the look and she rocked the Matrix trend quite flawlessly.

Bella Hadid Matrix Jacket

Another time Bella rocked the Matrix look, albeit with a dash of pink. This time she didn’t sport the skinny sunglasses. Instead, she chose to go for sepia-tinted sunglasses. Hard to miss are her pointy leather boots and her tiny red bag. What makes this look very different from all leather-toting fashionistas is that she added a pop of color to make a unique style statement.


3. Gigi And Zayn Took Cues From Matrix Fashion:

If one sister rocks it, the other one will follow suit too and this time with her boyfriend! That’s exactly what Gigi Hadid did! What’s better, Zayn Malik gave her company too.
While Gigi rocked the Matrix leather jacket in its longish form and also wore the skinny sunglasses, Zayn channeled some punk with his shades and all-black ensemble that he wore along with a trench coat.

Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik

4. Doutzen Kroes Nailed The Matrix Fashion:

While most of the celebs may be in favor of an all-black look, we saw earlier that Bella Hadid decided to add a dash of pink and red to her Matrix-inspired look. Doutzen too sported red hot thigh high boots to add that zing to the classic Matrix trend. We loved this play of color. She carried off the Matrix jacket with élan and the red-hot boots made a statement that was quite unmissable!

Doutzen Kroes

5. Kaia Gerber Aced The Matrix Trend:

The one thing you may have realized by now is that ever since the Matrix leather jacket hit the market, even the young fashionistas seem to rock it effortlessly. But the funniest part about Kaia’s impeccable style is that the little model wasn’t even born when the movie was released! Kaia, who is supermodel Cindy Crawford’s daughter and mini doppelganger, was born in the year 2001 and she rocks the matrix leather jacket look pretty confidently.

Kaia Gerber

The only thing that the youngster trades off with is the skinny black sunglasses as she chooses pink shades instead. Though it’s a little different from the signature look, it surely portrays the feminine and quirky side of Kaia.

That rounds up our list of celebs who have given the return of Matrix fashion a big thumbs up.

Of course, like they say, good fashion is recyclable, you never know when those 60s bell bottoms may make a sudden comeback (or have they already?). The jacket trend is here to stay, and you don’t really have to copy the Matrix look complete with Morpheus’s bald head. You can definitely recreate the look to turn heads on the streets with your own, Matrix-inspired jacket! Tell us your take on the trend in the comments box below.


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