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Unique Mesotherapy For Hair Growth

by Fashionlady

Today, where everything is so crazy and fast, there is a lot of tension and stress. This is not only for men but for us women too. Due to which, from hair thinning to hair loss and more, there is a lot of concern to warrant. Medically, it is called alopecia. What happens here is that the hair first starts thinning, and then there is hair loss in patches and eventually, there will be balding. So instead of wondering what has happened and why has it happened, you should try mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy For Hair Growth

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What Is Mesotherapy?

You need your confidence back and for that, the hair loss needs to be restored. This is why, we are suggesting an alternate baldness treatment, which will help- mesotherapy for hair. Mesotherapy for hair works wonders, and it does so by encouraging the hair to re-grow with better circulation and also by giving the scalp a boost through vitamins. The hormonal balance in the scalp is restored, say experts and so are the DTH hormones as well. The latter are quietened down because if they have to rise up, they will cause more hair loss.

Mesotherapy Before After

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How Does It Work?

Talking about what is mesotherapy for hair growth, we have already explained the same above, so let us now look at how it works. There are trained and certified technicians that can help you with mesotherapy. What they will do is inject a solution into the scalp which has many nutrients that are essential for hair regrowth. This may sound like an ordeal, but in fact many say you don’t even feel a thing when it is being done. What the solution which is injected into the scalp would do is wake up the dormant and sleepy hair follicles and put them into action.

This will make them work trigger hair regrowth, and that too in places where the hair has fallen off earlier. There are two ways in which the process works-

  1. Mechanical– Here, a needle would make very tiny perforations onto the scalp and makes the skin cell product elastin and collagen, which are the main building blocks of your skin.
  1. Chemical– Here, the injected solution will be working to stimulate the cells that have a problem. For example, if the blood circulation in your scalp is poor, then they will use a solution called the vasolidator. And if there is a lot of inflammation on the scalp when the procedure is being done, then an anti-inflammatory would be injected. What the medication does is work on the delayed release system, which in turn will help improve the circulation. This also helps quieten the DHT and brings down inflammation as well. In addition to that, it will help stimulate elastin and collagen, and the follicle size will be increased as well, which goes to stop hair loss and the hair growth rate will be accelerated too.

How Long Does The Treatment Last?

With regard to mesotherapy for hair loss, it depends from one person to the other. The therapy usually lasts for around four months and with one sitting per week. When the body starts positively responding to the treatment, the frequency and the duration of the treatment will come down too. However, for the best results, the whole treatment course should be completed.

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Mesotherapy For Hair Loss

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Why Is Mesotherapy So Popular?

To begin with, mesotherapy is a very safe practice and hence wins over other forms of hair regrowth treatments. Mesotherapy for hair side effects are bare minimum and there are no incidences of drug interaction or allergies to deal with. Those undergoing mesotherapy will not need anaesthesia as well. Recovering from the procedure too is easy and quick. With mesotherapy, the hair volume is improved to a great deal. This means the loss of hair and shedding of hair is brought down to a large extent. Hair would be much more lustrous and stronger too.


Taking care of hair that has been reborn through mesotherapy is not tough either. It is but natural hair which you need to maintain, so you can go ahead and shampoo and condition your hair normally. An enriching shampoo should be used, which helps keep the hair clean and nourished. Also, one should follow a planned and a very nutritious diet, and also follow a healthy exercise regime, which helps keep the toxins at bay.

What Are The Mesotherapy Side Effects:

There are quite a few reported side effects for those who have undergone mesotherapy, but not something serious. These are minor issues that go away in time. But you have to go to a certified and trained practitioner for the treatment. Some of the side effects would be pain and nausea, swelling and sensitivity, itching and swelling, bruising and redness, dark patches, and bumps at the site where the injecting took place, scars and infection or sometimes a minor rash too. But once again, let us remind you that all of these are minor and there is nothing much for you to worry about.

Do you think mesotherapy is for you? Have you or someone you know undergone this treatment? We would like to know what the results were like. Do write in!

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