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Mix And Match Your Favourite Sarees With Kalyan Jewellers Nimah Collection

by Fashionlady
Kalyan Jewellers Nimah Collection

India, with its diverse culture and rich history, gifts its brides a plethora of sarees and infinite pattern of ornaments to beautify themselves. From north to south, east to west, every part of India spins a special fabric which is no more limited to the natives but has travelled far to embellish the woman around the country. Inspired by such elaborate choices, Kalyan Jewellers has introduced the ‘Nimah’ collection, jewellery that can be paired up with every traditional saree the Indian bride sets her eyes on.

Kalyan Jewellers Nimah Collection

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Decking Up the Banarasi Saree:

Banasari sarees have earned a name for themselves since the rule of the British. Once you encounter the fabric detailed with silver and gold threads woven into it, you would know why even the English ladies couldn’t save themselves from getting mesmerised by them. The Banarasi saree, with its heavy embellishments, serves as the traditional Bridal Attire for the Bangali bride but is equally favoured by women across India. The lotus set from Kaylan Jewelers elates the class of a Banarasi saree further with its artistically crafted necklace and earrings. A ruby bangle and a Lakshmi ring would do wonders to the look.

Banarasi Saree

The Glorious Paithani Bride:

Maharashtra has been famous for the Paithani sarees chosen by brides across the length and breadth of the country. The splendid silk sarees with ornamented zari pallus designed on inspiration drawn from ancient paintings in the Ajanta Caves, never fail to lionize the frame of the Indian women. Kalyan Jewellers has the perfect suggestion for a bride looking to drape a Paithani. Wear a Lakshmi necklace and Jumkis detailed with tiny ghungroos accompanied by a temple ring. A Peshwani tor and Itranana bangles in the hands would leave the onlookers awestruck. A temple chandbali worn as a Maangtika will complete the magic.

Paithani Bride

Classic Kanjivaram is Never Out of Style:

The age defying garment has never been out of style; it was our grandma’s favourite, our mums keep them wrapped in silk, and we are here, eyeing her collection. The fact is, no matter what century we move to, we will always cherish a love for Kanjivarams in our hearts. Kalyan Jewellers understands this passion and usher us to adorn the pricey saree in a manner never before. To equalise the heaviness of the fabric wear two beautiful neckpieces, a long handmade Lakshmi necklace with a short mango bib. A temple jhumki with string support and a diya work temple jadau will complement the gravity of a Kanjivaram silk saree. To enhance the look a little more, tie a temple Kamarband at your waist and you are good to go.

Kanjivaram style


Spice it up in Fusion Style:

Now that we have established, sarees are not going anywhere, anytime soon, how about notching it up with some fusion vibes? Team up a silk saree with a contemporary blouse, even a top works fine. To accessorise this look pick the light weight fusion temple necklace from Kalyan Jewellers Nimah Collection. Couple it with a pair of Chatai Jhumki adorned with bright beads and pearls. A Peshwai tod and temple ring works fine here too.

Silk Saree Style

A look that can be worn timelessly and never run out of style, in all of the manifestations, your beauty stands out as classy and perpetual. You can wear these looks on special occasions that call for dramatic ensembles and even for casual parties by toning the combination down. For every evening, you have something special to brag about. So, which look are you wearing today?

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