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Moong Dal Face Packs For Healthy Skin!

by Fashionlady
Green gram face pack

In most Indian homes, you would find that moong dal is easily available. The dal is said to be very high in nutrition and high in plant proteins too, which is why vegetarians love this dal. Not just in India, but in the west too, moong dal is becoming pretty popular and famous. Some love it as dal and others love it as an embellishment to their salads, as they sprinkle the green gram around in the dish.

Moong dal face pack

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With that being said, did you know that moong dal is fast gaining a lot of popularity as a beauty dose?

Moong Dal Face Packs:

We now have amongst various DIY and homemade facial packs, moong dal face pack that has worked wonders for the skin and other beauty needs.

What Can Moong Dal Face Pack Do?

With moong dal face pack, you would find a lot of remedies for skin that is dry and dull, tanned and acne prone, and it also helps with the removal of unwanted hair from the face and the body too. The green gram face pack is not tough to make, and it does not cost a bomb to conjure as well. Think about this face pack as a money saver, which saves you from the running around to parlors and the costly trips thereof.

The pack is a potent beauty agent because it has a lot of vitamins in it- A and C. This ensures that the skin gets the lovely glow it needs, it is nourished as well and also when you use the pack for the hair, it conditions the hair, makes it strong and brings down the occurrence of hair fall too. You can get green as well as yellow moong dal in the market. The former is whole, while the latter is sans the outer shell.

Now that we have given you a gist of what moong dal is and how it is available in the market, let’s take a look at the moong dal face pack benefits.

Here Are The Moong Dal Face Pack Benefits:

Being a very high potent beauty ingredient, there are not only health benefits with moong dal consumption, but also beauty benefits too. From dry skin to dull skin, acne skin and more, you can have moong dal face pack benefits on the go. Here are some benefits explained.

1. Brighten Your Skin:

Who does not want to have skin that is bright and glowy? We all do, don’t we? This is what the green gram does. It helps to rejuvenate the skin by exfoliating and nourishing it. What it does is that it exfoliates the skin by removing the dead skin cells and contours the texture of the skin as well. Since it has a lot of vitamins A and C in it, it helps nourish the skin and gives it a very healthy glow as well.

If you would like to brighten your skin with moong dal face pack you would need to soak a cup of moong dal in water overnight. The next morning, you would need to grind the dal into a fine paste. Add to this paste a teaspoon of raw honey and almond oil each, and mix well. This pack should then be applied to the face and you should wait for twenty minutes. After that, go ahead and wash your face with cold water. This pack should be used thrice a week for the best results.

2. To Combat Dry Skin:

Dry skin always has some sort of redness, burning sensation, inflammation, and even breakouts too. Your skin type needs soothing, which is what moong dal can help with. It would also help with bringing back the moisture that is lost. This is all thanks to the vitamins and the abundant enzymes found in moong dal, which helps retain the moisture in the skin. For this pack to treat dry skin, you would need to soak two to three teaspoons of moong dal in a little milk all night long.

The next morning, go ahead and grind the moong dal into a fine paste. Apply the paste to the skin and wait for twenty minutes, and then wash the pack off with cold water. This is a routine which should be followed thrice a week for the skin to be hydrated.

3. Get Your Facial Hair Removed:

If you are fed up of waxing, threading or tweezing your hair on the face, hairs that are fine that is, you need moong dal to help you with the same. It would not only lighten up the skin tone, but would also help you get rid of the fine facial hair as well. For this, you would need to soak around a cup of moong dal overnight in cold water. The next morning grind the dal to a paste which is fine, and to it, add two tablespoons of sandalwood powder and orange peel powder each. Mix them all well to form a gooey paste, and then add a little milk to make it nice and creamy. Apply this creamy pack on your face and scrub the face in circular motions gently. This will help scrape the dead skin cells off and when you do this routine thrice a week, you would notice even the fine hairs being removed.

4. Get The Sun Tan Removed:

There are a lot of natural bleaching properties in moong dal, which helps detan the skin to a large extent. And moong dal face packs also have a lot of antiseptic properties in it as well, and they also help cool and soothe the skin too. To make this pack to remove the suntan, you would need a quart cup of moong dal, which should be soaked in water all night long. The next morning, the dal should be ground into a fine paste, to which two tablespoons of curd should be added, and applied to the tanned regions of the body. Wait for ten minutes and then wash the area with cold water. This is a routine that needs to be done daily to remove the tan.

moong dal face pack benefits

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5. Fight Pimples And Acne:

Your skin pores are constantly clogged with dirt, grime and bacteria, oil, and pollutants too. This is why, we will be talking about how to use moong dal to remove them all and to vacuum out the impurities from your skin and leave the pores unclogged. This will keep the skin looking young and fresh for a very long time. For this pack, you would need to soak a quart cup of moong dal overnight in cold water. The next morning the dal should be ground to a fine paste, to which two tablespoons of homemade clarified butter should be added. Mix them well and apply the same in upward directions onto the skin. Wait for ten minutes and then gently wash it off with warm water.

This is a pack that should be used at least thrice a weak, which will help keep the impurities away and your face will not be affected by acne and pimples.

moong dal face pack for acne

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