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Natural Homemade Sugar Scrubs – Exfoliate your Skin Naturally

by Fashionlady

Natural Home Made Sugar Scrubs

Exfoliation has never been this easy. When you can makeshift your homemade recipes into a skin exfoliating product yourself then why won’t things be simpler? Most of the time, we tend to neglect our skin given the fact that we expose ourselves to unwanted pollutants each and every single day.

Now, exfoliating the skin should be included in our beauty regime every day. Natural Exfoliation helps us remove all the dead and dry skin cells accumulated and help us unmask a newer healthier skin. Exfoliating also helps our skin to unclog the pores, smoothens out the skin and moisturizes the face without over drying. With regular usage, you will be able to attain a youthful vibrant skin.

There are some methods of natural exfoliation that you can make at home. Sugar is one natural exfoliating ingredient that helps remove all the dead skin cells. Unlike salt, sugar does not have a drying effect and works even on sensitive skin.

Now let us look at some natural homemade sugar scrubs or exfoliators with the ingredients that you can steal from your kitchen cabinet and add it into your beauty treatment recipe.

Continue reading for 5 homemade sugar scrubs that can do wonders on your skin.

1. Sugar + Honey

Let me elaborate on the essentialities of sugar once again. As I mentioned earlier, sugar acts as an exfoliating scrub. It is the most natural form of exfoliating. It does not leave behind a drying effect and the aftermath result is smoother glowing skin. Once in a while, you can add a tablespoon or two of honey with sugar. Just mix the sugar with a little bit of water. Massage the face gently in circular motions until all the sugar granules get dissolved. Wash the face with lukewarm water followed by a final rinse of cold water to close the pores. Gently pat dry your face. You will notice the difference on your skin in the first try itself with this homemade sugar scrub.

2. Pineapple + Olive Oil + Sugar

Pineapple is another natural exfoliator. It helps in melting the dead cells on the skin’s surface. For this homemade sugar scrub recipe, you can mix the pineapple with olive oil and sugar. Take five chunks of pineapple and two tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of sugar. Mix it up altogether. This simple beauty treatment noticeably makes your skin smoother and softer. It is gentle on all skin types. You can use this beauty treatment daily or once a week whichever is favorable for you.

Pineapple + Olive Oil + Sugar

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3. Papaya + Sugar

Papaya is known for its skin lightening effects. Today papaya is used in various beauty care products. You can even rub the ripe papaya onto your face and let it dry off for some minutes. Wash the face with cold water to get your desired glow. Papaya is enriched with papain enzyme which helps in wiping off all lackluster dullness off the face.
For this DIY sugar scrub, you can mash some papaya along with sugar for exfoliating your skin. It cleanses the face in the most gentle and natural way. It is also serves as a skin firming and anti-aging treatment. It evens out your skin tones and removes blemishes.

Papaya + Sugar

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4. Oatmeal + Sugar

Oatmeal is also an age old method of exfoliating and has always been a favorite for many. An oatmeal sugar scrub is the best method of exfoliating. It helps in preventing blackheads as well.

In order to make an oatmeal facial scrub, firstly mix and grind oatmeal and brown sugar preferably in a grinder. After that you can mix the powdered mixture with a little milk to form a paste. Scrub the paste gently over your face and leave for some minutes and wash off as usual with warm water. The result – it gives your skin a youthful glow and works as a great moisturizer also.

To make a homemade brown sugar body scrub, double the quantity of the oats and use brown sugar once again. Apart from adding milk, use a few drops of honey and some lavender oil too if you want a little fragrance. Scrub the paste gently over your body and rinse with lukewarm water.

Oatmeal Sugar

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5. Turmeric + Sugar

Turmeric is also a great exfoliater for the skin. It also helps to remove facial hair and also for lightening the skin.

To make this natural homemade sugar scrub, mix a tea spoon of flour with turmeric powder. Take a few drops of mustard oil and a table spoon of sugar to make a thick paste. Scrub your face with this mixture. Massage for about five minutes. Repeat it for like two weeks to get glowing face.

Turmeric Sugar

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