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Need Help On How To Make Your Waist Look Thinner? Fake It Like We Do!

by Fashionlady
How To Make Your Waist Look Thinner

How To Make Your Waist Look Thinner

Waistlines, and irrespective of you being slim, trim, plus sized or maybe average, you would still not be happy with the waistline you have. Shape wear products don’t help that much either, because in the Indian climes they can be very uncomfortable to wear, unless you are lucky enough to be in climes, cold and nippy. So, what do we do when it comes to learning how to make your waist look thinner? We have five options, read on!


Fashion Tips on How to Make Waist Look Smaller

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1. The Right Belt Should Be Worn

A belt can flatter your contours and it is an amazing way to demarcate the waist. However, choose the right belt or it can make a mess of your whole look. The aim here is to have a waist that is defined wearing a belt, which flaunts the natural shoulder you have and makes the top look small too.

If you choose to wear a kamarbandh instead of a belt, you need to wear a voluminous blouse and petticoat with the saree, which creates an illusion of the small waist. This is how to make your waist look thinner in Indian wear and indo-fusion wear too.

How To Make Your Waist Look Smaller

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2. Distract The Onlookers Eyes

What you need to do when learning how to make your waist look smaller is to play with distractions. The midsection needs to be trimmed, so don’t worry about taking the attention off from the waistline. You may wear a flattering belt to camouflage the waist line and width, but don’t wear a very thick or thin one (depending on the waist) which would bring about a very bulky look. While distracting is spoken off, wear blouses or lowers that have plenty of work on them, or a collar with details too.

What To Wear To Make Your Waist Look Thinner

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3. Empire Waist Garments

Empire and high waist garments can help big time in faking that waist size. From skirts to lehengas, petticoats to jeans and leggings too, empire waists help cinch the waist. They also help make the waist look tiny and makes you a fashionista, up and about with the trends too. To avoid the frumpy look, get the right size as per your body frame to wear which helps with an illusion of height and elongation of the body too. For example, anarkali tops in empire waist or ponchos can help camouflage the large waist and brings about an illusion of slimness and regal clarity to the body shape as well. Wouldn’t you love being that sassy diva?

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Ways To Make Your Waist Look Thinner

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4. Create Your Own Shapes

If you have to be at climes cold and nippy, you are in luck. This is because the cold winter months can camouflage the waist better. And you can do this with layering, wearing high waist bottoms. Instead of jeans, you can have shimmery lehenga skirts or mirror work skirts in metallic tones to wear, anytime during the day or the night. They work well if you tuck in the tops into the waist and wear an oversized stole, shawl or cardigan along with it. You stay warm and toasty for sure, and also create an illusion of height with boots for the feet too!

Waist Look Thinner

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5. Nude Is Right

Have you seen most beauty pageants across the world, the girls footwear is in nude tones? This is because nudity on the feet helps create more height and makes the waist look smaller too. If your hosiery and shoes are closest to your natural skin tone, your body would look leaner and taller too. In turn, your waistline would look small and nice, just as you like it as well. You can wear nude heels and pumps or open toed peeps with mini skirts, skirts, lehengas, ghagras and sarees or anarkalis too. and guess what, if you are heading for a pool party or the beach, you can wear nude heels there too!

Nude Shoe

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Here were thus the five ways on what to wear to make your waist look thinner. Try them from now and let us know your inputs on ways to make your waist look thinner too!

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