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New Pants to Try Out This Season – 14 Ways To Style The Culottes

by Fashionlady
It’s all in the layers

Yes, the culottes are back in vogue, and how! You probably remember them from games sessions in school, but these roomy “skirt-pants” have come a long way since then. In fact, going by the current runway trends, they seem to be the new must-have pants this season!

Many women fear the culottes because they worry it will make them look voluminous and dowdy. But trust us – culottes are one of the most versatile garments you will ever own. Not only are they comfortable and airy, they can look super chic when worn right. Styling culottes is no rocket science, really.

Here’s how to wear culottes without looking like a schoolgirl. 15 styles – all doable.

1. Feeling playful? Team neon colored culottes with a printed crop top for a delightfully fresh and summery look. We simply adore the pop of color in this combination – wants us to hit the beach right now!

Feeling playful

Source: blog.violetstreet.com

2. Make a bold statement in leather culottes. A waist-defining cinch belt, strappy sandals and a statement bag – what’s not to love about this style.

Make a bold statement

Source: blackivorystyleblog.files.wordpress.com

3. Pair high-waist culottes with a structured blazer and formal pumps and get ready to hit the boardroom. Opt for a neutral color palette if you’re a bit color shy. Make sure you wear a fitted shirt underneath for a neat silhouette.

Pair high-waist culottes

Source: blog.violetstreet.com

4. It’s all in the layers. Come autumn, pile on a fitted tee, a shirt and a jacket for some effortless grunge. Looks great on slender frames.

It’s all in the layers

Source: www.funmiogunja.com

5. Keep it soft, romantic and feminine with pastel culottes in a flowy fabric and top them up with a simple neutral-colored blouse. This silhouette is particularly recommended if you are bottom heavy.

romantic and feminine

Source: aliimg.com

6. Silk or satin culottes worn with a feminine blouse are just the thing to make heads turn at parties and clubs. Jazz them up with dangling earrings and a stylish clutch.

Silk or satin

Source: netdna-cdn.com

7. This one is as easy as they come and makes for a great “everyday” look. A sweater, a smart clutch and a pair of strappy sandals is all you need to work it right.

This one is

Source: pinimg.com

8. Printed culottes look fabulous with a shirt or top in a solid color. If you are not looking to add volume to your bottom half, we suggest you stick to smaller prints. Polka dots, checks and florals can be played around with depending on the mood and the season.

10. Up for some adventure? How about sequined culottes with a leather vest. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I am not out of my mind! This combo is as edgy as it is contemporary, but it is certainly not for the faint hearted.

Up for some

Source: pinimg.com

11. Strappy crop tops and culottes are a match made in heaven and this look is so simple to pull off. Wear a cotton spaghetti for a casual daytime look or a more dressy top for the evening, like this model. And always, always complete your look with strappy heels. Put on a colorful or printed shrug in jersey fabric to make the look more versatile.

Strappy crop tops

Source: pinimg.com

12. We love neons as much as we love culottes so why not club the two trends together? Check out the play of colors on this ensemble – ravishing, isn’t it? The skinny pink belt adds an extra oomph as do those gorgeous shoes.

We love neons

Source: blogspot.com

13. A fitted white shirt is indeed your go-to fashion item when you want to play around with culottes. These vibrant striped culottes are just perfect for a day out with friends but you can swap them with plain black or tan ones anytime for office.

A fitted white shirt

Source: .wordpress.com

14. Give your culottes a metallic twist with a studded top and metallic heels. This look scores high on glamor and bling without going OTT.

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