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Post Peel Treatment Skin Serums Your Dermatologist Would Recommend

by Fashionlady
Post Peel Skin Care Products

Post Peel Treatment

If you would like to improve your skin texture, stop acne and remove the scars or fine lines too, you would be advised in some cases to undergo chemical peel treatments. However, just undergoing them isn’t enough. There are post peel treatment regimens to follow strictly.

Post Peel Skin Care Products

Sometimes we have redness as side-effects that happen to our face, which is why for the next few days following the instructions of the cosmetologist you have to adhere to post peel treatment regimes. So here are a couple of post peel treatment skin care products and tips that work and you should try them out.

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1. Where post peel treatment is concerned, you must treat your skin with utmost delicacy and gentleness with a washcloth for company or a baby sponge to wipe the skin clean every day. This wouldn’t allow the skin to be aggravated.

Post Peel Skin

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2. Always wear SPF 30 and above sunscreen as directed by the doctor, because the harmful UV rays of the sun can irritate the immature cells and damage them too. the neck and the face should be bathed in sunscreen at all times.

Post Peel Skin Serums

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3. Sea whip, chamomile and azulene should be the best soothing ingredients in products for post peel concerns to use. And also check for post peel skin care products that have antioxidants, since the skin has been through a lot.

Post Peel Skin Care Treatment

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4. Chemical peels provoke melanin production, which can lead to post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation too. This is when the face gets brown spots developing all over them. Your doctor would advise you to use vitamin C and E formulas.

Post Peel Skin Serum

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5. Never pick at your skin, because the healthy new skin that reveals the younger looking you are immature at this time. Flaky skin cells appear, which you shouldn’t pick at, because that would lead to redness and unnecessary scarring.


How To Peel Skin Faster

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6. Don’t use moisturizers in excess, especially when the skin is all flakey and peeling off. Moderate amounts and as per the guidance of the doctor should be followed when using moisturizer.

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8. When protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, you must ensure to speak to your cosmetologist about your lifestyle first. Take as much time as possible off from work, especially the first two weeks so that the UV rays don’t blotch up the skin surface and there is no discoloration or brown spots in plenty to deal with at a later stage.

Post Chemical Peel Care For Skin

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9. When the skin is healed, don’t stop wearing sunscreen. This would minimize the growth of wrinkles and fine lines. This is why we began with the importance of using SPF 30 and above.

Post Chemical Peel Skin Care Treatment

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10. You may also check for over the counter product products that are hydrocortisone creams which help bring down the irritation and the itching or the redness post the chemical peel treatment. However, please talk to your cosmetologist first and then go ahead with the same.

Post Peel Skin Care Product

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11. It isn’t safe to wear any cosmetic or makeup on the treated skin for at least a week from when the treatment was done.

Best Post Peel Skin Care Products

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12. Don’t hit the gym for a week, because sweat can get trapped under the skin which leaves behind water bubbles that cause harm to the skin texture.

Post Peel Skin Care Treatments

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13. DIY or commercial, do not indulge in facials for two weeks after the post peel skin care products and treatment has been done

Post Chemical Peel Skin Care

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14. Speak to the doctor to find out which collagen serums and post peel skin serum to use; best for your skin type and to maintain the glow for long.

Best Post Peel Skin Serums

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15. Always have a few days in hand after the treatment is done, so that you know how to manage your skin and you would get time to easily care for the skin’s needs too.

Post Peel Skin Treatment

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Follow these fifteen post peel skin care rules and don’t dig in much on how to peel skin faster, which does more harm than good!

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