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Chemical Peels – Everything You Wanted to Know About it

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Chemical Peels - Everything You Wanted to Know About it

Chemical Peels - Everything You Wanted to Know About it

Most women and men would like to have eternal youthfulness emanating from their skin. But as we age, fine lines, wrinkles, crow feet etc; signs of ageing take over. Added to that, the elements around- pollution, dirt, dust and grime or sweat can cause havoc, making the skin breathe less and clogging the pores too. We need a solution – one that works like magic and that which would improve the texture of the skin on our face, our neck and the hands too.

Chemical peels

Say hello to the new and very improved technique of skin-rejuvenation- chemical peel treatment. The technique helps with skin improvisation for sure – a solution which when applied to the skin would help exfoliate the dead cells; leaving behind skin which is regenerated and smooth; less wrinkles too.

Types of chemical peels

The Superficial peel: if you suffer from mild skin pigmentation or discoloration- the superficial peel can help. Needs 7 days to heal completely- skin turns scaly and red- creams have to be applied for 7 days to heal the skin

Medium peel:

to get damaged skin cells off the surface of the skin from your neck, hands and your face, and to reduce age spots and fine lines too or freckles for that matter, the medium peel is recommended. Needs14 days to heal swollen and red skin- post 48 hours of the peel application and removal, the skin situation would accentuate and eyelids would be heavy. Sometime blisters can happen too. Your derma expert would ask you to follow a special skin routine for 10 days- mild lotions and creams have to be applied to soothe the skin. No going out in the sun at all- until the healing is done. No makeup for the first 10 days at all.

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Deep peels: helps remove moderate age spots and fine lines, shallow scars and freckles as well. The improvement is dramatic, and used only once for the face- not more than that! Needs14 to 21 days to heal- bandaging the area is a must and the skin has to be kept moist all through the day- ointments needed for the first two weeks as well. thick moisturizer to be used for 14 days along with oral consumption of an antiviral medication; full dose as prescribed. Mild creams and lotions to be applied, and no sun exposure at all should be allowed. No make up for the first 15 days at all.

Types of chemical peels


In all cases, no smoking for the first 10 days at all, since smoke and the heat from the cigarette butt can lead to chemical peeling side effects, damaging the skin further.

Points to ponder prior to the chemical peel application


1. Consult an experienced skin-expert or a dermatologist of repute
2. Chemical peels can help treat acne scars, fights against ageing, crows feet, other scars, sun damages, sagging skin and wrinkles too.
3. The chemical peel procedure works well on fair and light- skinned candidates more than dark-skinned people.
4. Not recommended if you have (are) nicks and cuts, burns and infections, open-skin infections, active skin ailments, sunburn cases, active Herpes simplex 1 sores, nursing or pregnant mothers, patients with rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema.
5. If you have consumed ACCUTANE in the past (6months)- stay away from chemical peels. The same would be if you have consumed Retin- A or Renova as well.
6. Products high in ascorbic acid- skin-lightening agents or skin-bleach creams for example; if used in the past 48-72 hours- do not use chemical peels at once.

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Points to ponder prior to the chemical peel application


Does it hurt?

They sting (mild) but doesn’t cause discomfort or pain as such. The peels mostly contain the following gentle chemicals;
3.lactic acid
4.fruit acids

You may have a stinging sensation followed by mild redness and slight irritation- temporary and it goes away once the skin makes an adjustment. Please follow the advise of your dermatologist; they would provide you with gels or creams to soothe the skin post the chemical peel application.

Does it hurt


Chemical peel side effects?

1.Cold sores can come back
2.Scarring is possible when not done right
3.Permanent or temporary skin colour change

Chemical peel side effects

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