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Pumpkin Face Packs For Clear Skin

by Fashionlady
Pumpkin Face Packs

Pumpkin Face Pack

Mere mention of the vegetable ’pumpkin’, conjures the image of a big sized ugly looking vegetable. It is bound to kill the appetite of most people and leave an unpalatable taste in the mouth. In contrast, it is a storehouse of treasures that is absolutely adored by your skin. Pumpkins are abundant in skin beneficial elements like vitamins A, C and E; antioxidants, alpha and beta carotene, retinoic acid, collagen zinc torulitine and other minerals. Regular use of pumpkin face packs combined with other ingredients can give you far better results than any costly spa treatments.

Homemade Pumpkin Face Pack

Listed below are some terrific homemade pumpkin face packs to pamper various skin types:

Face Mask for Glowing Skin

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Pumpkin Face Pack For Normal Skin

To prepare any face pack, the pumpkin can be lightly boiled or churned through a mixer raw to obtain a thick puree. Two tablespoons of this puree should be mixed well with half teaspoon of honey and some milk. A pinch of fine cinnamon powder is now added to it to make a smooth paste. Since cinnamon tends to irritate the skin, it should not be added if one has sensitive skin. Apply the pack on the face and neck and wash it off well with lukewarm water after about 20-25 minutes.

Within a few minutes of applying this pumpkin face pack, one might feel a soothing sensation followed by slight tingling and irking as the enzymes work to clean the skin pores and tighten the skin. Post removal, it is critical to apply a skin toner and then a moisturizer. According to latest fashion tips, when used once a week, it is a terrific face pack for a clear, glowing skin.

Homemade pumpkin face pack

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Pumpkin Face Pack For Oily Skin

In about 2 tbsp of pumpkin pulp puree taken in a bowl, 2 tsp of lemon juice or apple cider, 2 tsp of either brown or white sugar granules and 1 tsp of honey is added and mixed well. This smooth paste is applied evenly to the face and neck and left to dry for about 20 minutes. The pack should now be gently scrubbed on the face in gentle circular movements before being washed away well with lukewarm water.

The lemon or the cider vinegar in the pack regulates the pH balance of the skin, increases the blood circulation and tones the skin. Sugar is the best exfoliator known while pumpkin adds brightness to the face. Together it is an awesome face mask for glowing skin.

glowing skin

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Pumpkin Face Pack For Dry Skin

About 1 tbsp of pumpkin puree, 1 tsp milk cream, ½ tsp honey and 2 teaspoons sugar are mixed well and applied for about 20 minutes before being scrubbed and then washed off.


Milk cream has excellent moisturizer as alpha-hydroxyl acid. Both honey and pumpkin are excellent hydrators and moisturizers. Used atleast twice a week, it is a great pumpkin face pack for soft skin and to revive and rejuvenate the dull, pigmented and aging skin.

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Pumpkin Face Pack For Soft Skin

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Pumpkin Face Pack For Instant Glow

Before decking up for any party, if you ever feel the urgent need to add some instant glow to your face, simply resort to a pumpkin face pack. The pumpkin pulp can be mixed well with some curd, honey and few drops of lemon juice. Alternately it can be blended with one egg white and some raw milk.

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Any face pack can be applied and both should be washed off with cold water after about 20 minutes of application. The egg face mask is also a terrific pack to treat acne and remove spots and blemishes since egg whites are known to remove all dead cells and bacteria that cause acne.

Face Packs for Clear Skin

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Of late, pumpkin has been featuring in almost all latest fashion news due to its enormous skin beneficial properties and easy blending property with almost all other beauty ingredients. If you have any other fantastic pumpkin face pack up your sleeve, do share with our readers. We are excited to hear from you.

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