How To Use Face Pack The Right Way?


face pack at home

How to use face pack aptly, is an issue that every stylish woman should pay heed to in order to develop a radiant, velvety and glowing skin-tone. Every woman having the twin objectives of evolving a lustrous complexion and maintaining it in the long run needs to take cognisance of two vital aspects. The first, of course is to choose homemade face packs or masks instead of branded ones. Home-based face packs are easy to prepare, equally effective as branded products, cheaper, and don’t cause any damaging side-effects or fallouts. Secondly, and more significantly awareness about how to use face pack in the right way is crucial so as to make the most of them.

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Enhancing Skin Complexion With Face Packs

While using face packs at home on a recurring basis, following specific time-tested techniques will ensure that you’ve an arresting and beaming facial appearance, so that you can take optimum advantage of homemade face packs. It is imperative that you chip off (exfoliation) the dead cells stratum on the epidermis. Additionally, you should make sure that ingrained grime, oily and fatty deposits on the surface of the skin is cleansed thoroughly on a regular basis.

How to Use Face Packs the Right Way

The dead cell layer along with clogged pores and dirt on the surface can make your countenance appear lustreless. You should also take note of the fact that face masks works perfectly on a skin surface that is clean and free of blemishes. Drinking sufficient fluids throughout the day to keep your skin moisturized, lissom, and delay the ageing process is important as well. Using a sunscreen that comes with a high SPF is also highly recommended to shield the epidermis from the detrimental UV rays of the sun. Finally, refrain completely from bleaching your skin that may cause more damage than good.

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Recommended Homemade Face Packs

When it comes to applying face pack at home, it goes without saying that you should prepare concoctions for the same from natural and/or organic items. This is because ingredients sourced from nature or living organisms completely moisturize and nourish the skin from deep within without causing any adverse side-effects. You can make face masks from blends of honey, raw milk, lemon slices, potato pulp, banana, almond oil, sandalwood, oats, yogurt, gram flour, turmeric, cucumber, and tomato.

how to apply face pack at home

Applying Natural Face Packs Appropriately

Elaborating on how to apply face pack at home, the first and foremost step would be to select the apposite one in accordance with your skin type. Latest fashion news and most fashion magazines will recommend 2-3 distinct types but an exfoliating pack should always be included in any face pack treatment procedure. The frequency of face pack applications will again depend on your skin texture; however don’t opt for more than 3 coats in a week.


How to Apply Face Masks Correctly

While getting ready for a face pack application, the first thing you’d need to do is to thoroughly cleanse your face. Take care to see that not even the slightest trace of cosmetics or toiletry is left on the face or the neck. Since ingredients in the pack need to pass through the pores on the epidermis any residual dirt, makeup or oily deposits will prevent them from penetrating.

Going for a steam facial will open up the pores by warming them up. Alternatively, you can layer a coat of face pack a few minutes after taking a shower. For steam facial, drape your head with a wipe towel and hover over a basin or bowl containing boiling water.

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