Quick and Simple Hacks to Fix Your Clothes


Quick and Simple Hacks to Fix Your Clothes

How often are you running to make it to work on time and realise one of your leggings has a hole in it, or the shirt you wanted to wear still has the makeup stain from last time or your best formal shirt is all wrinkled. And you have absolutely no idea of what you can do! Well there may be some quick fixes to keep in mind the next time you are in this situation. Here are some basic quick fix hacks.

1.Tears in the Leggings

How often do we suddenly realise that your best legging has a little hole in it? And then you need to change your whole outfit. Instead try this.

Apply clear nail polish at the beginning, end, and around the edges of the snagged run. The nail paint stops the hole from getting bigger, and it won’t wash off. This may not be a long-term solution but at least it won’t make you late trying on a dozen new outfits.

Tears in the Leggings
Source: harpersbazaar.com

2.Wrinkly Clothes

You are getting ready for a meeting, or maybe for a great evening party and you realise that the outfit you have planned in your head is wrinkled and ironing it at home is not an option. What do you do?

Hang the outfit in the bathroom. Make sure to hang it on a clothes hanger and not just a hook, so it is fully open. Make sure to hang it in a place where it doesn’t get wet. And go on, take your steaming shower. The steam and moisture from the shower will work out some of the wrinkles. When you’re done with the shower, just run your hands over the clothes, removing the creases from top to bottom. And Voila, wrinkle free!

Wrinkle Clothes
Source: thedressdecoded.com

You could also use any of the methods below:

Wrinkly Clothes
Source: buzzfed.com

3.Sweat Stains

You come back from a long day and you notice sweat stains on your favourite shirt. What do you do?

Spray some lemon juice on the stains before putting your clothes for a wash. This works best for shirts which are most prone to discoloration.

Sweat Stains
Source: buzzfeed.com

4.No More Shine

You’ve worn your shoes too much and now that leather pair which used to glimmer has just lost its shine.

Spray some cleaning solution like Colin onto a tissue paper and wipe your shoes. This will remove the scuff marks and even bring back a little of that leathery shine. You can also dab some petroleum jelly on the scuff marks on leather shoes to conceal them.

No More Shine
Source: pintrest.com

5.Knotty Affair

The necklace you were planning to wear is all tangled up and won’t undo?

Rub a few drops of baby oil onto the knots. This will help loosen the chain and you can untangle it easily using a pin or needle.

Tangled Necklace
Source: excedrin.com

6.Smelly Shoes

You worked too hard at the gym, and forgot to take the shoes out of the bag when you got home. And now there is that uncomfortable smell?

Take some baking soda (a couple of spoonfuls) and sprinkle it inside your shoes. Make sure that it’s distributed evenly. The baking soda will absorb the sweat and get rid of any odour.

Smelly Shoes
Source : whstatic.com

7.Wrong Shoe Size

You bought a pair of shoes online and realise you got the wrong size and they won’t exchange.

Wear two pairs of socks and wear the shoes. Take a hairdryer and blow dry your shoes while you are wearing the socks. The heat will cause the shoes to expand and mold themselves to the thickness created by the socks, easing up the size.

Wrong Shoe Size
Source: ramshackleglam.com

8.Make Up Stains

You put on your makeup after getting dressed, and now your shirt has foundation on the collars.

Source: buzzfeeed.com

10.Oil Stains

Yes, we know, you didn’t realize how you got oil spill on your clothes while you had lunch. We’ve all been there. No worries.

Just sprinkle the stained portion with baby powder and leave it overnight. The talc will soak up the oil and leave it looking fresh again.

Oil Stains
Source: buzzfed.com

11.Spilt Red Wine?

Don’t worry. More wine is the solution. Don’t believe it? Just use some white wine this time to remove the red wine stain and see for yourself.

Spilt Red Wine?
Source: trbimg.com

12.Lipstick Stains on Your Clothes.

Well, even we aren’t sure how we actually manage to do this, but yes it happens.

Just spray the cloth with some hair spray and let it rest for a few minutes. Dab the hair spray with a tissue and then put the clothes in the machine. It should work the stain right off.

Lipstick Stain
Source: onsugar.com

Hope this helps!


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