5 Reasons Why Your Eyebrow Game Is Not Strong

strong eyebrow game

In today’s world, people have refrained from making eye contact. Women, especially have started making eyebrow contact.

If we are happy with your eyebrows, then we can be friends. If we aren’t satisfied with the arch of your eyebrows, we just raise our on fleek eyebrow and dismiss further contact. #TrueStory

But then again, we weren’t born with perfect eyebrows either! We just had a lot of practice. Don’t they say, practice makes it perfect?!

Here are the common mistakes everyone seems to be making while doing their eyebrows –

1. Thickness

Agreed that we want thick eyebrows. Just like Aria’s from Pretty Little Liars. But, making them block like and too thick is the biggest mistake anyone can do!

2. Length

Who doesn’t love lush, long eyebrows? But drawing a long tail will not give us that look. That is something we must immediately stop!

How to Keep Your Eyebrow Game Strong

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3. Arch

Yes, we love to raise our eyebrow and question some people’s existence. But too high of a brow (drawn with pencil) isn’t the same as natural arch.

4. Filling

One common misconception is – filling your eyebrows with a black pencil! Nope ladies. You always use a colour that’s 2 shades lighter than your eyebrows!

5. Highlight

Strobing is all cool. But, not blending your highlighter will only enhance the errors around your eyebrows. Which obviously isn’t good!

With these five things in mind, we are sure you can get better at doing your eyebrows. If it is any consolation, it took us a long while to perfect ours!

Eyebrow tip – Always smoothen your eyebrows and groom them with a gel!

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