Perfection Galore – Ellen De Generes And Her Androgyny Looks To Copy


Ellen De Generes Androgyny Looks

Married to wife Portia De Rossi, Ellen De Generes is a successful actress, humanitarian and a talk show host (The Ellen De Generes Show) on prime time U.S television. But that’s not the reason why we love her so much; in fact, fashionistas across the globe are always spellbound at the hostess’s sense of style and androgyny dressing. Taking a cue and clue at the most, women today across the globe are emulating the way Ellen dresses.

From chic slim ties to cufflinks, converse shoes with suits to slim summer cardigans and more, Ellen has a sense of style so unmatched and totally her signature, which would want us to try them out, and now!

Cool Striped Tees and a Waist Coat

Perfect for the INDIAN summers we say, a round collar striped tee with a pair of denims and converse shoes, pixie hair and minimal makeup for the summers to bear with, Ellen shows us how to dress to kill; the waist coat is optional!

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Ellen De Generes Androgyny Looks

Customised Suits

For one of her shows, Ellen sported a bespoke customised tailored suit (Comme des Garcon polo) in navy blue and for the feet she stuck to her favourite ‘New Balaance Sneakers’. With a light coloured tee inside, Ellen made the audience dance to her tune, and they loved it too!

Ellen De Generes Suits

Seen Ellen in Heels?

For a photo-shoot back in the days of the early 2000s, a famous magazine cover showcased and flaunted the actress with smokey eyes, crisp spiked hair and heels! The tunic top had embellished embroidery designs to flaunt, and the look was a bomb that everyone loved!

Ellen in heels

Dressed in an All-White Suit for Her Wedding

When taking the vows with her wife Portia De Rossi, while Portia decided to wear a whitish-peach wedding gown for the ceremony held at Ellen’s mansion, Ellen decided to keep it monotone and simple with an all-white wedding suit! Quite a classy way to woo your lady, Ellen!

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Ellen De Generes Wedding Dress

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Fishnet stockings, heels and a camisole top with a white low V Neck shirt, and that is what Ellen wore to pose for a famous magazine. Simply wow! Ellen made the stunning look turn heads and grab eyeballs across the world. Known for her dare to bare deeds in the past, Ellen made fashion a comfortable and sexy saga for the many androgyny lovers back then!

Ellen Low V Neck Shirt

Caught in a Denim Shirt

A lazy Sunday noon caught Ellen being hounded by the shutterbugs for a pose and a click, and she obliged! A denim shirt for the top and denims for the bottoms with her favourite converse shoes, sans makeup and gelled spiked hair; Ellen made the traffic stop!

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Ellen De Generes in Denim Shirt

She’s Got The Swag

Yes she does and she flaunts it in all colours too. Ellen supports various causes and charities, and at a NYC Fashion week sometime back, she went on to celebrate the style of a well-known LGBTQIA designer, wearing all his colours and a cute billy hat!

Ellen De Generes Androgyny Looks

The Comfortable Anniversary Look

Check grey shirt with knee-length denims and crushed hair, while Portia, her wife, looks pretty in a green silhouette. Happy Anniversary Ellen, you once again taught us how to look calm and lazy and cool that too, in just about anything!

Ellen De Generes and Portia Anniversary


Stripes And Checks

Ellen manages to pull off just about anything she’s given to wear, with utmost style and grace. Take that boys, take that big time. Ellen sports a striped shirt in full sleeves under a dark grey Summerish suit!

Ellen Style and Grace

Camping at the Ranch With Portia

The ranch isn’t left without a touch of Ellen’s magic, which is why she heads off to play with Portia’s favourite pets, her horses, as and when she gets time. Caught in yellow pants and a denim shirt with an under layer of black, Ellen makes heads swing in such chic comfy fashion!

Ellen De Generes with Portia

We love you Ellen, we love you tons and thank you for bringing the meaning of androgyny fashion in its truest sense, loud and out with subtle touches of your own!


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