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Dos and Don’ts for an Oily Scalp

by Fashionlady
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Greasy scalp – we hear you! One of the most frustrating problems that a woman can have is an oily scalp. It’s irritating to keep it clean all the time and then see that it has again gone back to its original state! Your scalp is itchy and you have a perennial problem of dandruff. Oily scalp is a huge problem, but it also has a solution. You will need to know the right way to deal with this.

Let’s talk about the dos and don’ts of an oily scalp

1. Don’t Over shampoo

You may think that shampooing your hair every day will be a very good thing for an oily scalp because it will clean your scalp. But this is actually a myth and the more you shampoo, the more your scalp tends to produce sebum. So, shampooing too much will in fact prove to be counterproductive. The idea is to shampoo only alternate days. Washing every day will irritate the scalp to produce more oil, dehydrate the hair and also fade your hair colour.

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2. Avoid Conditioners with Too Much Moisturizer

Though this is good for hair which is dry, it will prove to be opposite for hair which is oily! Yes, conditioners which have highly – moisturizing ingredients and also leave – in conditioners should be avoided by people with oily scalps. They will make the hair even greasier and attract dust particles in the hair. They will weigh down the hair and even make it look greasier and dirtier.

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3. Dry Shampoo is your savior

This is one thing that can come to the rescue of you folks which have an oily scalp. When you will first skip shampooing every day, on the initial few days you will feel that your hair looks actually very greasy. But this is just your hair adapting to the scalp and the absence of shampoo. Now what do you do? Use dry shampoo of course! If you think dry shampoo doesn’t work for you, it may be probably because you weren’t using it correctly. Dry shampoo can be a savior for people with oily hair, but you need to use it correctly.


This is how you should actually do it: First brush your hair properly and then apply the dry shampoo close to your roots only. Distribute it all over your scalp by brushing it again. Brushing is the most important part and if you skip brushing, it will end up producing more oil and sebum.

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4. Try Astringents for Your Scalp

Don’t use the astringent you use for your face though! Apple cider vinegar is something which will work wonders for an oily scalp. You can use apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair and this will remove the build up from your oily scalp. Over a long time, using apple cider vinegar for your hair will also reduce the sebum production.

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5. Medicated Shampoos

If nothing works and your dandruff is causing you tons of problems, then the best way to deal with this oily scalp is to go for medication. Well this is the last resort and you should try out all the natural methods before you finally go for medicated shampoos. There are certain medicated shampoos which have salicylic acid and selenium which will help to remove this oily scalp problem. These are to be used only after getting your prescription from the doctor. These shampoos are very strong and you have to be careful with their usage.

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An oily scalp is not too hard to take care of and a few small changes here and there can go a long way to help you.

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