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Bronzer for Dark Skin Hacks – Dusky Sirens to Black Beauties Rejoice

by Fashionlady
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Bronzer For Dark Skin Hacks
Sun kissed, dark and dusky, sultry and sensual, be proud of that skin you own. The glossy magazines and the media has always worshipped the likes of Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Adriana Grande, Kajol, Madhu Sapre, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Sushmita Sen, Rihanna, Bipasha Basu, Anu Agarwal and the list can go on. What is so common in these beautiful international celebrities, apart from the celeb status and crowning auras they posses? Their lovely chocolate to ebony looks they flaunt with utmost grace and elegance. Ask a man anywhere, and a real bloke would prefer the wraps of sinful dark indulgence over other shades anyday.

Dark Skin Make-Up

It’s not about the makeup alone, but the way you apply the same.

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The use of base cream, foundation, translucent powders, lip gloss and mascaras, and an eyeshadow too can change and transform your looks in a jiffy. But, would you be able to flaunt a new look everyday, without the help of bronzers? Makeup artists and experts worldwide disagree on the same. Before we introduce you to the secrets of bronzing, let us show you why bronzers should be used! Makeup for dusky skin won’t get any easier.

Bronzing Hacks for Women

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Bronzer For Dark Skin: The Importance of Bronzers

Celebrate porcelain to dark skin, and rejoice in it for it is the shell of our bodies that brings forth the personalities we flaunt. Sometimes and mostly for those who are on the run through the day and night, our lovely dusky skin takes a beating. This makes us look washed out and tired. With the right ways of applying blush and bronzer, the radiance or the sun kissed effect is brought forth; a healthy and a very natural glow to say so. Bronzers are the best way to bring in the blush, the dimensions and the balance, and when applied right, you’d be a second away from being called a DIVA!

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how to wear bronzer dark skin

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Beauty Hacks and Tips: Simple and Easy Bronzing Hacks for Dusky Women

1. Apply bronzer in C-shape on both sides of the face. Start from the forehead and then to the cheekbones, for that slick but effective difference.

Beauty Hacks for dark skin

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2. Bronzers should be applied on the base of the hairline to the corners of the forehead, the sides of the nose, on each slant of each cheekbone, under the lower lip, the jaw line and vertical strokes on the neck area for a more defined look.

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How to Properly Apply Bronzer

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3. The brush that came with the bronzer isn’t the only one to use, in fact you would need a separate brush for each area of the forehead, the face and the neck.

how to use bronzer on dark skin

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4. For skin tones that are wheatish to olive and not fair must choose earth-coloured bronzers or sheer copper tones. The bronzer for dark skin in shades mentioned, will help to attain a look au naturale.


earth-coloured bronzers

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bronzer for tan skin

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7. While choosing makeup for dusky skin, never use red undertones before applying bronzer, as the dark skin doesn’t have red undertones, instead the use of yellows to neutral undertones before the bronzer is the right thing to do.

makeup indian skin tone

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8. From beige to caramels, ditch the blush and opt for fun dark shades of bronzer. As it doesn’t make the face look cakey when the makeup is done and over with.

Best Bronzers for womens

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9. Bronzer for dark skin must choose shades that are a tone lighter to what your original skin tone. Yellow tinted bronzers bring on the glow like nothing else can.

famous Bronzer for dark skin

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10. When it comes to makeup for dusky skin, warm and not cool shades for bronzers, should be used for the skin.

makeup for dusky skin

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Tip: To bring on the easy-breezy diva look using bronzers, use a large fluffy brush when applying the same.

Be proud of your skin, because the colour you have is the shade every woman lusts for secretly. Have fun flaunting the look you’ve been born and blessed with, and yes, dark skin never shows wrinkles easily. So there – double whammy!

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