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A Cheat Sheet and Everything Else on How to Apply Bronzer!

by Fashionlady
How to Apply Bronzer How to apply bronzer on a round face? How to apply bronzer for a natural look? How to apply bronzer like a pro? How to apply bronzer with a fan brush? How to apply bronzer with a kabuki brush? How to apply bronzer without a brush? How to apply baked bronzer?

So, here’s the thing guys! Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge have something in common. We all know that they are Victoria’s Secrets’ Angels. But, there is another thing that’s common in all these Angels.

How to Apply Bronzer How to apply bronzer on a round face? How to apply bronzer for a natural look? How to apply bronzer like a pro? How to apply bronzer with a fan brush? How to apply bronzer with a kabuki brush? How to apply bronzer without a brush? How to apply baked bronzer?

Yes! We are talking about their sexy, sun-kissed bronzed glowy skin. We are pretty sure that all of you secretly wish to look like them (God knows, we do). But here’s the thing. These Angels, have an entourage of stylists and makeup artists to give them the perfect, sun-kissed bronzed glowy skin. And we, don’t have that luxury.

How to apply bronzer on a round face

Source: showstalker.net

But, here’s another thing! Getting that sun kissed look isn’t very difficult at all. With a few tips and trick we can all be Angels. Yep!! We aren’t lying.

Because, come on! It’s no rocket science people. It’s just a very well use of bronzer – Just the right amount of the bronzer, with the right makeup brush and the right flick of our hands. To be honest, it’s all about three things.

  • Product
  • Applicators
  • Technique

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of Bronzers and give you all an ABC’s of bronzers, here are few things one needs to remember to get that bronzed sun-kissed look.

Let’s have a question and answer round, shall we?

What Does a Bronzer Do?

A Bronzer is used to imitate natural sun tan. If applied correctly it gives a natural sun kissed glow to your skin. Bronzers are also the most trickiest to apply. A little mistake can make you look muddy or worse, orange!!

How to Choose a Bronzer?

Well, to choose a bronzer, you need to have three things in mind.

  1. Texture
  1. Colour
  1. Finish

1. Colour:

Never choose a colour which is more than three shades darker than your skin tone.

2. Texture:

If you have an oily skin, it’s always better to use powder bronzers and if u suffer from dry skin choose cream based bronzer powders.

3. Finish:

Bronzers come in both matte and shimmery finishes. Decide what u are looking for and choose between matte and shimmers.

What is the Correct Way to Apply a Bronzer?

There is just one basic rule that comes when you apply a bronzer. The utmost important and basic rule here is to use the bronzer sparingly. Too much of it can make you look like an Oompa Loompa.

Here’s a picture reference – just for laughs!

What Type of Brushes to Use While Applying a Bronzer?

If you want an over-all glow, without it giving a full on contoured look, use a nice fluffy blush. But, if you are looking for a slightly contoured look then a firm brush would give that extra control.

Pro – Tip – The key here is to remember to blend. Always double check if there are any hard edges. If there are, blend some more. Well blended bronzer gives that soft sun-kissed look. Make sure to check out your complete look in natural lighting.

Here are Some Busted Myths About Bronzers:

A. Only pale people need bronzers,

B. Bronzers should only be used in cold winter seasons.

Nope! We would like to call the makeup police and arrest people who have been spreading such false allegations towards bronzers! First things first! Bronzers can be used by people with any skin tone and any colour. And secondly, bronzers can be applied all year long. It’s just personal preference.

I mean, come on! Do you guys think Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge apply bronzers only during winter seasons? Nah!!

FashionLady Recommends!

Now that we have spoken a little about bronzers, we would like to give you few recommendations as to which bronzers to invest in (yes, invest because they make you look good! They are expensive and thirdly, they last for about 3 years!)

1. Hoola by Benefit Cosmetics:

Priced at $28 this Hoola bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics is a common favourite among the ladies. It comes in a cute little square box with a tiny brush! Rumour has it that it lasts all day. Another added benefit is that it has matte finish and is not too orange. However, if you have dry skin and would like something more dewy, then this is not your product!

Hoola bronzer by Benefit Cosmetics

Source: blushbeautyundefined.com

2. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder:

A little on the higher end, this Bobbi Brown bronzing powder is as good as it gets! Though it’d cost you about $40 a pop, the end result would be extremely satisfactory. So much that you wouldn’t think twice before repurchasing!

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

Source: cloudfront.net

3. Laguna by Nars:

If you guys are fans of sheer bronzing powders, then Nars Laguna is a must have. Beauty gurus say that Nars Laguna is a must have in every makeup bag and we definitely agree with them! This little box of happiness is priced at *cough cough* #39!

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Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder

Source: narscosmetics.com

4. Terracotta by Guerlain:

Now, now. Don’t kill us because we are referring you this. We agree that it is a tad too expensive, but GOD!! The result is just fabulous! Priced at $53, the Terracotta bronzer by Guerlain has a smooth and flawless finish! The best part is, the bronzer is super moisturising!

Terracotta bronzer by Guerlain

Source: youtube.com

5. Laura Mercier – Bronzing Gel:

Now this is something totally different from the above 4 bronzers that we have mentioned. All the above bronzers are pressed powders and would require the same technique. This, however comes in a tube and is liquid. But the effect, nevertheless is marvellous! If you are a fan of dewy skin, this baby should be in your makeup bag! It is priced at $38!

Laura Mercier Bronzing Gel

Source: allurabeauty.com

Well, now that the basic details about bronzer are out of the way, let us gear you up for actually using them, by sharing some of our best quotes about bronzers!

“Bronzer is a wardrobe basic like a favourite pair of jeans” – So simply put, right? It’s all about personal preference! You either love it, or you don’t! Just like jeans.

Lauren Conrad says “I always wear bronzer because I love the way my skin looks when it’s tan” – Me too!!

Now, there are some super common queries that people have when it comes to bronzers. We have jotted them down together and now, we are going to answer them. Before we get into it, here are the FAQ’s!


  1. How to apply bronzer on a round face?
  1. How to apply bronzer for a natural look?
  1. How to apply bronzer like a pro?
  1. How to apply bronzer with a fan brush?
  1. How to apply bronzer with a kabuki brush?
  1. How to apply bronzer without a brush?
  1.  How to apply baked bronzer?

So, let’s start them answering one by one, shall we?

1. How To Apply Bronzer On A Round Face?

Just like every other face type, people with round face go through some difficulties. The first and foremost being – they can’t look sharp. They often end up looking rather plum (no matter their weight) and to not look plum, they go through great lengths.

However, there are equal benefits for having a round face. If you love makeup and love to dress up, then having a round face can open the door to so many possibilities.

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You can contour your face, use highlighter, use bronzer and experiment with different face shapes. However, people with sharp features can contour their face to a very small extent.

You know how they say “a picture is worth 1000 words”? So, we have a picture for you that’ll help you understand how you can apply bronzer on a round face. On which parts to be precise.

How to apply bronzer without a brush

Source: tumblr.com

Applying bronzer along the brown lines will help you slim down your face and make it look very sharp. But remember, you will have to blend this product really well.

2. How to Apply Bronzer for a Natural Look?

Well, if you want to go the natural way, then we’d suggest follow Victoria Beckham’s policy – Less is more. So, take small amounts of bronzer and work it on to your skin really well. If you are a fan of dewy look, then use a product which has a sheer finish. Preferably Laguna by Nars!

How to apply bronzer with a kabuki brush

Source: brit.co

3. How to Apply Bronzer Like a Pro?

*laughs* Well, the answer to this question is really very easy!
All you need is practice. Once you get the hang of it, you will definitely master the art of applying bronzers!

4. How to Apply Bronzer With a Fan Brush?

Ah. Now his is a bit tricky. How does one apply bronzer with a fan brush? Because to be honest, fan brushes are used to apply highlighters. We, ever so lightly rub highlighters on the apples of the cheeks and we are done! But does the same rule applies when we talk about bronzers?

Well, you are about to find out!

How to apply bronzer with a fan brush

Source: blogspot.com

YES! You can apply bronzer with a fan brush and makeup artists say that applying bronzer with a fan brush will give you the perfect finish. If you want to go for a natural finish or want to slightly add some colour on to your cheeks, then apply bronzer with a fan brush.

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All you need to do is, sweep it in a left to right motion. Target areas are, below the cheek bones, along the jaw bone and on the corner of your forehead. You can swipe them on the bridge of your nose if you want a sharp nose (but do so, very gently).

5. How to Apply Bronzer With a Kabuki Brush?

We said it last week, we are going to say it again! Kabuki brushes are God sent! Literally! When you have small hands and managing big brushes becomes a pain, opt for Kabuki brushes.

All you need to do is swirl them in circular motions on the said target areas!

How to apply bronzer with a kabuki brush

Source: feelunique.com

As simple as that!

In case you have any further questions, leave them in the comments below and we will be sure to answer those.

6. How to Apply Bronzer Without a Brush?

Well, this is one thing we wouldn’t suggest you to do. You can perhaps dab the product very gently with your fingers on the said discussed areas, but the results won’t be as fantastic. An alternative to brushes could be an earbud, where you try to smear and smudge the product and then try to make it flawless with the help of your fingers.

But then again, we wouldn’t advice on it.

If you are running on a tight budget, you can buy a simple fan brush from Vega or Eco Tools and experiment with them, instead of not using any brushes at all.

You can flawlessly apply foundations without any external applicators, but bronzer is a risk we wouldn’t take.

7. How to Apply Baked Bronzer?

Ah. The most important question of the entire post. How do you apply a baked bronzer? To be very honest, I personally detest baked products (blushers and bronzers) because they just don’t work well on dry skin. But a majority of the population (the same population which is blessed with good skin) loves baked products. Because they are highly pigmented and their effect is flawless and long lasting!

So, for those of you, who loved baked products, here’s how you apply baked bronzer –

Since the baked bronzers are heavily pigmented, you’d need a fluffy powder brush to apply these on your skin. This way, there is no excess product on the brush, which would later get transferred on your skin. The technique is the same, swirl and apply. And of course, the target areas are the same as well!

Other than these, we had another set of common questions, categorised on the type of the brand. For example,

  1. How to apply Chanel bronzer?
  1. How to apply Bobbi Brown bronzer?
  1. How to apply Hoola bronzer?

Well, to be fairly honest, all these brand related questions aren’t major questions. Once you know which bronzer suits you, all you need to nail is the right technique. And, once you have mastered the art of application, the brand wouldn’t be much of an issue!

Hope you guys found this post helpful!

If you need information on anything else, please let us know, we will be happy to help!

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