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Recommended Skin Care Regimen 40s Or Above Women Can Use

by Fashionlady
skin care products for over 40

skin care regimen 40s

Ageing is but natural, and we must learn how to embrace it. While there is nothing much we can do to stop ageing from happening, we sure can slow down its process and effects on the body, hair, our personality and skin. Just as there was a skin care regime we followed when we were in our teens, there is also a skin care regimen 40s and above women can adhere to. There is nothing to be ashamed of, because you have those wrinkles, fine lines, gray hair strands or puffy eyes. In the world of beauty, we embrace them all and hence bring to you tips on skin care regimen 40s and above women can use. Read on!

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Skin Care Products For Over 40 And Above Women Can Use

1. Cleansers should be chosen wisely- With this point to make, we mean when you choose skin care products for over 40 years of age, we want you to pick kinder cleansers that do more good than anything else to your skin- dryness increases on the skin as we tend to age. You could check out one of our previous posts for DIY skin masks and skin care regimes. However, should you have to buy a cleanser- pick one that allows the natural oils to stay and should have natural extracts in it- check our post on natural ayurvedic skin care holistic products.

best skin care routine for 40s

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2. Never retire to bed without washing and toning your face- After a long day at work or maybe even at home, your face tends to percolate dirt, grime and perspiration, which can clog the pores and lead to adult acne or other skin issues. We would want you to use a little time each night, dedicating it to proper skin care. Cleansing the face is a must, and so is toning and moisturizing too. Check one of our previous posts on how to DIY the same or use a herbal or a very gentle cleanser, toner and moisturizer from a reputed brand.

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3. Silicone based moisturizers are the best to use- This is because it would stay for long, seals and locks the moisture into the skin, the skin texture improves over time and is ideal for most Indian skin tones and types as well. Even if you have parched and very sensitive or dry skin, the silicone based moisturizer would work wonders. The silicone particles found in the cream would act as a primer that enters the pores and protects the ageing skin from further damage


skin care regimen for 40 year olds

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4. Antioxidant based creams give the best skin care routine for 40s- Absolutely true, since antioxidants help neutralize the onslaught of free radicals and protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well- low damages to deal with as you age. Take care to check if the cream is rich with vitamins C and E or has natural extracts such as green tea, lavender, chamomile or tea tree oil- the best active ingredients to combat ageing skin issues.
Best skin care products for over 40

5. Vaseline petroleum jelly is a lifesaver at 40- This is because you can use the unscented jelly on your face, your lips, your feet and your hands, and sometimes even on your eyelids too. If there are nicks, cuts and scratches too, you can use Vaseline to heal the skin. To remove makeup as well (check our natural makeup remover posts) dab a little Vaseline on the face and gently wipe off with cotton- helps remove every trace of makeup without harming the skin.

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Finally, as we age we need more information from experts on the best natural skin care regimen. This is because as time passes by, the strength with which cells can renew themselves or rejuvenate can slow down, leading to patchy skin and bumpy textures. So carry along a vitamin E based moisturizer wherever you go, and use it generously at least thrice a day! Ending up with a note- you need to embrace ageing and love yourself a little more than ever, which is one of the cardinal rules while using skin care regimen for 40 year olds.

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